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Read&Write for Google Chrome is back to school with new features!

With 1.8 million users and counting, Read&Write for Google Chrome™ continues to be the most popular support for struggling readers and writers using Google Apps for Education.

Today we’re happy to announce several updates including three exciting new features that customers have been asking for:

Voice Notes in Google Docs

Word Prediction outside of Google Docs

The ability to switch features on and off

Continue reading for the highlights on everything that’s new in this release.

Read&Write for Google Chrome new screen shots
Texthelp is a Google Education Partner, and is the first and only partner to provide assistive technology supports in the Google Apps environment. This means we work closely with Google before releasing new features to ensure they provide a great experience for end users.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what our most recent release includes:

  • Voice Notes – Voice Notes allow students or teachers to insert audio recordings as comments directly in a Google Doc. Great for teachers wanting to leave feedback, or students who find it easier to  speak their thoughts than type, Voice Notes integrates seamlessly into Google Docs through a new icon on the Read&Write for Google Chrome toolbar. See the below resources for more information:

Voice Notes Video Overview

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Word Prediction on the Web – You can now use Read&Write for Google Chrome Word Prediction while on the Web. Simply open the web toolbar when typing in any standard text box area such as a Google form, comment box, search bar and more.

See the video

  • Feature Switch – One of the most requested features has been the ability to turn features on or off for students – usually during testing time. Our new Feature Switch app aims to solve this issue. To use, Google Apps administrators can install the app and turn features on or off for all students in a domain. There’s even the ability for the admin to create a password for the Feature Switch app so that other teachers in the district who need to access can have it. For more information on the new app, be sure to check out our Feature Switch app support page.

Same Great Product – New Name

In addition to new features we also wanted to let everyone know that Read&Write for Google is now Read&Write for Google Chrome™.

Due to the large number of platforms that Read&Write integrates with, we want to be sure the name accurately reflects where the product works best. Read&Write for Google Chrome is an extension for the Chrome web browser that works in Google Docs, on the Web and in several other file types accessed via Google Drive.

Because Read&Write is a single extension, students can access reading, writing, studying and research supports through a single toolbar. This is also a plus for busy administrators who do not want to manage and deploy multiple extensions across the network.

Still Free for Teachers

If you aren’t already one of the 1.8 million people using Read&Write for Google Chrome, be sure to grab it from the Chrome Web Store. Remember, all features are free for teachers, and students have access to premium features for 30 days. After this, text-to-speech in Google Docs and on the Web stays free forever!

Read&Write for Google Chrome is just one member of the Read&Write family which also includes Read&Write for Windows, Read&Write for Mac, Read&Write for iPad and Read&Write for Android. Learn more at http://www.texthelp.com/readwrite.


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