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Browsealoud helps speak out about digital inclusion

A simple website addition, Browsealoud enhances a website’s accessibility so that its content can reach each and every visitor. Digital inclusion experts Citizen’s Online have added Browsealoud to their website to help promote digital accessibility, and address digital and social exclusion.

Improved usability and accessibility with Browsealoud

Helping organisations to become digitally accessible, Citizen’s Online have been at the heart of many transformative digital inclusion projects since 2000. They recognise that many organisations synergise with the importance of making online content suitable for every individual, and promote local collaboration to tackle inclusivity together. They also help individuals to become digitally savvy by supporting dedicated Digital Champions who provide digital skills help and training where it is needed.

Browsealoud is a seamless fit and assists website visitors who may lack digital confidence to interact online as well as helping those individuals with limited English, visual impairments, cognitive disorders or learning difficulties. It is Texthelp’s web support tool that helps to ensure that online content can be consumed equally by all website visitors.

Not only a practical and useful addition to, its very presence speaks volumes about their efforts in ensuring no one is excluded from being able to access and understand online content.

 “We support Digital Champions around the UK - people who have time and skills to help others become more digitally confident. We want everybody to be able to access the internet and use websites. Being able to work with and demonstrate how Browsealoud works to others is a great resource for us.    

We’re delighted to be working with Texthelp and integrating Browsealoud on our website. Aside from the accessibility benefits it offers to our site visitors, it’s giving us a real opportunity to review how well (or not) we’ve built our site and to keep making it better.”  

Rich Denyer-Bewick, Citizens Online’s Operations Director

Browsealoud’s assistive features include speech mode where web content is read aloud, language translator, dual-colour highlighting of text, text magnification, an MP3 maker and screen masking.

Check them out on our site now - just click the orange button at the top of the screen!


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