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Texthelp’s NHS Expo 2019 Recommended Sessions: A Focus on Digital Health

If you work in the Health Sector, you are sure to be familiar with the Health and Care Innovation Expo (also known as the NHS Expo), which is taking place on 4 - 5 September 2019. For those that aren’t familiar, it is the largest NHS-hosted event of the year, attracting 5,000 people from the NHS, social care, local government, the third sector and the commercial sector - including us!

We will be sharing Stand #107 with our friends from the Patient Information Forum (PIF). As advocates of Digital Health Literacy, we are excited about this year’s theme of bringing the NHS Long Term Plan to life. After all, one of the core aspects of the Long Term Plan is the expansion of digitally enabled care across the NHS.

If you are also interested in Digital Health or Health Literacy, here are the sessions we recommend attending at this year’s NHS Expo. Hope to see you there!

Macnhester Cityscape with Health Imagery

September 4, 2019

11:30 am: Digitally Transforming Primary Care - Making it Happen at Scale

Hear how technology enabled care will transform delivery of health and care in the next 5 years with apps, social media, video consultation and other modes underpinning more productive delivery of care and patient empowerment to self care -whatever the health and care setting.

11:55 am: Digital first accelerator - right services, right place, right time

The NHS Long Term Plan places digital health services as central to a modern, sustainable and joined-up health and care system, providing better patient experience and outcomes. The London digital accelerator, led by NHS London and working with five STPs, is the first in the country to implement a “digital first” approach for unscheduled and primary care. At this session the team will discuss how they co-designed with patients, commissioners, frontline care staff and technologists to better understand the unscheduled care pathway, applying agile processes and innovative and commercial solutions. They will also cover how this ‘digital first’ approach is a convergence point for a number of existing digital programmes including NHS 111 online, online consultations, the NHS App and digital primary care. There will be time for discussion on learnings and next steps on the journey.

12:30 pm: From the wireless to the wearable: How digital technology is supporting personalisation, prevention and CVD/Respiratory priorities

Led by Professor Steve Powis, National Medical Director, this session will look at some of the digital tools and exciting developments that are helping to improve people’s health and wellness.

We will focus on the opportunities that growing digital capability and focus on personalised care can bring to predicting and preventing illness, and delivering digitally enabled care that is centred around the person.

12:45 pm: Urgent and emergency care: a roadmap for digitally-enabled care

Join NHS England and NHS Digital to find out how urgent and emergency care is being transformed with the support of new technologies, to deliver fast and effective, digitally-enabled care, that's fit for the 21st century.

2:45 pm: Putting services and information into the hands of people and patients

The NHS Long Term Plan identifies digital health services as key to a modern, sustainable, more joined-up health and care system. Developed, designed and implemented well, digital tools and services can improve health outcomes, reduce frontline pressures and provider better patient experience. Over the past two years the Empower the Person portfolio has set the foundation for this through a number of patient-facing digital products, enablers and tools. This includes the redesigned NHS website, NHS 111 online, the NHS App and the NHS Apps Library. These are now converging into a connected digital ecosystem which will provide people and patients with more consistent and connected, online and offline user journeys.

3:25 pm: Implementing and testing the NHS App with people - lessons and learnings

The NHS Long Term Plan places the NHS App as central to creating a consistent “gateway” for patients and people to access the NHS services digitally. In order to design a product which provides a universal digital offer, we have to ensure different needs and requirements are well understood to provide the very best user experience. This session will explore how we conducted our in-depth user-research deploying a range of quantitative and qualitative approaches as we develop the NHS App - in beta and live product phases. Focusing on three user research examples we will show what we learned, how these learnings shaped the product and its features for release, and we will also touch on conducting user research within an agile project environment.

4:05: pm: Digital transformation in primary care: what have we achieved and what is still to come to build

This session will explore how the NHS Long Term Plan has paved the way for rapid digital transformation in primary care, using real GP practice examples to outline the progress that has been made in delivering key GMS commitments, ongoing support available for those working in general practice staff  what is still to come to further build resilience and reduce burden in primary care.

4:15 pm: Get it right for people with a learning disability and autistic people

Getting it right for people with a learning disability and autistic people is everyone’s responsibility. Hear about some practical things you and your services can do from NHS England and NHS Improvement, NHS Digital and the theatre group MiXiT.

September 5, 2019

12:10 pm: Talking about #digitalfutures with the team from Alder Hey Children's NHS Foundation Trust

Join the multi-disciplinary team from Alder Hey Children’s Hospital who will be discussing the difference the technology they've implemented as part of their GDE programme is making to patients and staff. The team will also talk about how their children and young people’s forum have helped shape their #digitalfutures plans. They will showcase their approach to innovation and med tech and outline how other organisations can learn and adopt what they have delivered. This is a must attend session for delegates from NHS Trusts who are in the process of, or planning on introducing digital technology with ambitions in the space of innovation.

12:30 pm: Taking the Topol Review forward - Is digital technology the game-changer in meeting our workforce challenges?

In this session, we hear from the NHS leaders at the heart of the delivery of the Long Term Plan and the Topol Review on how technology needs to be central to delivering services and how we can prepare our current and future staff to use that technology.

2:30 pm: The role CNIOs and AHPs have in delivering digital improvements across the NHS

An interactive session featuring strategic nursing and AHP leads alongside CNIOs and AHPs from GDE Trusts, discussing the important role nurses and AHPs play when deploying digital initiatives across the NHS. A must attend for NHS staff wanting to get involved in the delivery of digital technology in their organisations.


Thank you for taking a look at our recommended sessions, and we look forward to seeing you at Stand #107 at this year's NHS Expo!


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