June 2016

Counting down to the Accessible Information Standard


Time’s running out. The 31st July deadline is fast approaching when organisations providing NHS or adult social care – including NHS Trusts, Foundation Trusts and GP practices – must be fully compliant with all aspects of the new Accessible Information Standard (AIS).

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Can we really close the Digital Divide?


For anyone whose professional success hinges on the internet, it is easy to be in complete awe at the wonders of our digital age. Because of the internet, many industries have emerged or changed for the better.

Today, many people have jobs that simply did not exist a few years ago. Yet, with all this progress and change, it can be easy to ignore the fact that a prevalent barrier still exists.  From the most switched on countries such as Sweden, to the poorest nations in Africa, there is a widening gap between those with access to modern technology and the Internet and those without.

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