Marika Sundqvist Karlsson

Three questions for Marika Sundqvist Karlsson

Our partner, Funka, reached out to one of their Browsealoud customers and asked them three questions...

Three questions for Marika Sundqvist Karlsson, Information Coordinator at Åland Living. 

Your website supports Browsealoud, tell us more?

During Autumn 2013, a colleague and I participated in a seminar in Stockholm, where one of the speakers told us, among other things, about Funka's work with web accessibility and mentioned Browsealoud as a simple-to-use solution. We decided there and then to find more information and see whether we could implement it on our website.

Why did you choose Browsealoud?

We wanted to implement a function on our website that would help those who for some reason would have trouble with written information. Browsealoud sounded like it could be the solution we were searching for. We tasked our supplier with finding out exactly how Browsealoud works and whether it was possible to implement it on our website. After a meeting with them and Funka, we decided that Browsealoud was what we needed, as a first step to increasing the accessibility of our website. What finally convinced us was the ease of use for the user.

Browsealoud targets persons with reading difficulties, like dyslexia or persons with another maternal language. Does it work well?

Our website has gotten attention from our politicians as a good example of how you can achieve greater accessibility by using relatively small means. 

The administrative offices of the Åland islands have developed the action plan "An accessible Åland" that we also try to follow. Browsealoud is the first step for us. Apart from implementing Browsealoud, we try to express ourselves in an understandable manner, both in written text and in speech. We are also in the process of developing certain accessibility services for our website. It's clear that this is something we have to strive for perpetually, we simply have to stay updated on what solutions there are on the market and be able to offer those to our users.

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