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How digital tools support inclusion and attainment

37% of people in the UK say they would have liked more access to technology at school to support their reading, writing and comprehension needs.

Investing in inclusive technology is more than just buying gadgets - it's about shaping a better future for our teachers and learners.

At Newbattle High School, Headteacher Gib McMillan reports a 7% increase in literacy levels since Read&Write was introduced.

Gib McMillan

“I feel so proud to be in a position where we have Read&Write and young people are provided with the support they need so they can achieve their fullest potential.”

Gib McMillan Read more

How Inclusive Technology empowers all your learners

Meet Sarah, a Support for Learning Teacher at St. David’s High School in Midlothian. Sarah understands that her students don’t all read, write and think in the same way.

With the right type of support every learner in every class can understand more and achieve more.

Time is precious, and you want the best for your students. Texthelp's inclusive technology helps students become independent learners. They can tackle challenges on their own, using tools that make learning easier for them. This means you get more time to focus on teaching.

Join us in creating a classroom where each student has the freedom to learn in their own way, and everyone gets a chance to shine.

Sarah Brown

“Having the tools of Read&Write makes your job easier. It makes it easier to support multiple students at one time and help them to become independent learners.“

Sarah Brown, Support for Learning Teacher, St. David’s High School Watch now

Why it's important to include all learners

When inclusion is done right, all students benefit.

But huge numbers struggle with text in some way. At least 1 in 10 students in our classrooms have Dyslexia. There are a lot of negative feelings caused by literacy problems.

34% of us feel anxious about making a literacy or spelling mistake.


“When I was diagnosed with Dyslexia I felt really insecure about it. I didn't want to tell my friends for a really long time.“

Evie, Student at Newbattle High School

We want to break the cycle.

Thanks to our inclusive technology tools, Midlothian Council saw a 90% reduction in requests for assistive technology across their Local Authority because Read&Write is meeting the needs of all learners.

Explore how Read&Write is reducing stigma and setting students up for success

Introducing Read&Write

Help every student read, write and learn with confidence

Reading and writing tools that offer students and teachers help with everyday tasks. With tools to meet the needs of different learners, right across the curriculum. Like reading text out loud, understanding unfamiliar words and proofing written work.

Read&Write toolbar and features

Read&Write helps to:

  • Create more independent learners
  • Support students with additional learning needs
  • Improve reading and writing skills
  • Make the exam room a level playing field
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