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Festival of Workplace Inclusion 2023

An annual event exploring inclusion for neurodivergent, disabled & multilingual employees.

On demand | 10 virtual sessions | 100% free

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About the Festival

A DEI virtual event exploring how we can create inclusive workplaces where all talent is empowered to succeed.

This year's theme is 'Transforming tomorrow'. Sessions explore the small steps each of us can take to make big strides towards a more inclusive future. For today's working population, and the next generation to come.

Watch on demand and uncover new and trending strategies that’ll help you revolutionise your workplace.

Meet the Keynote

Caroline Casey, Founder, The Valuable 500

As a global change agent with an ambitious mission, Caroline will be sharing how to set achievable goals that lead to big impact for disability inclusion.

Watch now and gain advice that'll help you to work effectively in your teams - whether your organisation is big or small, and your teams local or global.

Speakers include:

Dr Abigail Gilbert, Institute for the Future of Work

Public policy researcher now specialising in AI governance for the workplace.

Hiren Shukla, EY

Global Neurodiversity Leader

Danielle Biddick, Dell

Program Manager, Diversity Talent Acquisition

Bhushan Sethi

Partner, Strategy& at a multinational professional services brand

Diane Lightfoot, Business Disability Forum


Kim Whippy

Enablement Manager at a multinational professional services brand

Marcia Dukes, MassMutual

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Lead

Carole Mendonca, Deloitte Canada

National Leader of Accessibility

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This content is beneficial for anyone interested in improving inclusion in the workplace.

This includes Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging, HR, Training & Development professionals as well as Employee Resource Groups sponsors and representatives. Whether you're just starting your journey towards a more inclusive workplace, or are already on your way.

Explore the agenda

Our event took place over 2 days. Watch all content on demand now, at a time that suits you!

Sessions cover workplace inclusion across all stages of an employee's journey.
They also uncover the role of inclusive technology & Artificial Intelligence.

Day 1, On demand

  • With this event, we bring together industry experts and people with lived experiences of neurodiversity. Our goal? To explore how to transform the working world for those of us who think, work and learn differently.

    Join our opening session and hear from Texthelp’s CEO, and Dyslexic thinker Martin McKay. Martin will share how to make the most of today’s event, so you leave with the resources and knowledge to make a lasting impact in your organisation.

  • With inclusive recruitment comes accessible and flexible recruitment processes that are free from bias. But how can we customise our hiring and onboarding processes even further, and ensure that talent within the organisation is also encouraged to progress?

    In this session, we explore how Neurodiversity Programs offer a holistic approach to inclusive recruitment. Gain insights from 3 leaders of such programs. Explore how to create a Neurodiversity Program that promotes success of prospective talent, and empowers thriving careers of existing employees.


    • Hiren Shukla, Neuro-Diverse CoE Leader, EY
    • Pierre Escaich, Neurodiversity Talent Program Director, UbiSoft
    • Danielle Biddick, Program Manager, Diversity Talent Acquisition, Dell
    • Host: David Yozzi, Texthelp
  • Transforming tomorrow for neurodivergent talent cannot be done without the insights of our neurodivergent friends. In this session, our panel of neurodivergent thinkers and industry experts work together to hack common challenges to neuro-inclusion. By the end of the session leave with solutions to your most pressing questions. In fact, submit your questions ahead of the session by emailing d.thomson@texthelp.com. We’ll aim to address them throughout the session.


    • Dan Harris, Founder and CEO, Neurodiversity in Business
    • Joseph Riddle, Director, Neurodiversity in the Workplace
    • Host: David Yozzi, Texthelp
  • With an elevated talent and culture agenda in the boardroom, today's people and DEI leaders are being looked to now more than ever. In this session we explore how neuro-inclusion can help address talent shortages and strengthen company culture.

    Join us and gain practical tips and advice on successfully leading a neuro-inclusive HR and DEI agenda, while meeting the demands of a more strategic and influential role.


    • Miranda McCarthy, DEI Lead, MassMutual
    • Cathy Donnelly, Chief People Officer, Texthelp
    • Melissa Bosch, DEI Country Lead, EY Ireland
    • Host: Lisa Smyth, Texthelp
  • Big strides lead to big impact - but so can small steps!

    In this session, we look at how inclusive technology offers a small change that can lead to great results for disability and neuro-inclusion, company-wide. Gain insights from global brands and end users as they share why providing inclusive technology should be your next step. Discover their learnings and explore how they've driven impactful change for their entire workforce.


    • Kim Whippy, Enablement Manager at a multinational professional services brand
    • Rita Issac, Disability and Neurodiversity co-lead, CIPD
    • Carole Mendonca, National Leader of Accessibility, Deloitte Canada
    • Host: Paul Fox, Texthelp

Day 2, On demand

  • In this opening welcome to day 2, hear from Gus Schmedlen, Texthelp's Chief Revenue Officer. As an Eisenhower Fellow, Gus is part of a global group of change agents committed to creating a more peaceful, prosperous and just world. 

    Hear from Gus as he sheds light on our vision to transform the working world. Discover how to make the most of today's event so you too can become a change agent in your own organisation.

  • Following his opening welcome, Gus is back with Eisenhower Fellow, and Founder of The Valuable 500 - Caroline Casey. As Eisenhower Fellows, they’re part of a network of 2,500 leaders across 115 countries taking action to serve the underserved - and more!

    In this keynote, they’ll be sharing their expertise as global change agents with ambitious goals. Gain advice that’ll help you to set achievable goals and measure success. Discover insights that’ll help you work effectively with your colleagues to make an impact - whether your organisation is big or small, and your teams local or global. 


    • Gus Schmedlen, Chief Revenue Officer, Texthelp
    • Caroline Casey, Founder, Valuable 500
  • As organisations we all have a social responsibility to make a difference outside of our organisation. It's well known that among disabled and neurodivergent talent there are higher rates of unemployment and underemployment compared to the general population. In fact, research shows that less than 29% of autistic adults are in employment.

    In this session, we explore why and how to incorporate disability and neuro-inclusion into your company's ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) strategy. Uncover how to create a fairer working world, while driving benefits for your business.


    • Marcia Dukes, Diversity Equity and Inclusion Lead, MassMutual
    • Jill Houghton, CEO, Disability:IN
    • Diane Lightfoot, CEO, Business Disability Forum
    • Host: Donna Thomson, Texthelp
  • Universal Design makes sure that products and environments are usable to all people, by design. Educators have long adopted this concept, creating classrooms where learners with diverse abilities can work together side by side. They're provided with multiple means of perceiving, comprehending and expressing their learning. 

    In this session, we explore how this mindset can create more flexible work environments where everyone’s potential can shine. Gain key actions that’ll empower your employees to work how they do best - for today’s workforce and the next.


    • Amanda Kirby, Founder and CEO, Do-IT Solutions
    • Nancy Doyle, Chief Research Officer, Genius Within
    • Jason Carroll, Chief Product Officer, Texthelp
  • The role of an ally can take many forms. As a sponsor, an amplifier of voices, a confidant, and more. Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) can help organisations champion inclusion in the most effective way. With a group of like-minded individuals working towards a united goal, ERGs can make a big impact.

    In this session we explore how to create, and make best use of, ERGs. You’ll also discover how to be the most effective ally in your role - whether you’re in the C-Suite, in middle management, or a colleague. 


    • Ryan Graham, Chief Technology Officer and Executive Sponsor for Enable ERG, Texthelp
    • Christine Lydon, Co-Chair of Open DisAbility Employee Resource Group, Omnicom
    • Chris Farrington, Co-Chair of Global Business Resource Group Alliance for Disabilities & Allies and Lead of Abilities in Motion Business Resource Group (US), Randstad
    • Host: Lonna Battles, Texthelp
  • With emerging technologies, and the rising role of Artificial Intelligence in business, it's not surprising that 42% of business leaders expect that over the next 2-4 years, technology will help drive better organisational outcomes. 

    In this session our panel will explore how to harness these technologies to empower your people and teams to become the best versions of themselves today. Gain tips that'll help you get ahead of emerging tech trends. Discover how leading organisations are approaching technology to revolutionise business performance.


    • Bhushan Sethi, Partner at a multinational professional services brand
    • Stephen Framil, Corporate Global Head of Accessibility, Merck
    • Katie King, CEO, Author, Keynote speaker, Ai in Business
    • Host: Ryan Graham, Chief Technology Officer, Texthelp


Festival FAQs

  • Once you register, keep an eye on your email for log in details. This will include the link you need to access the platform.

  • This content is beneficial for anyone with a keen passion to drive lasting change for employees who think, work and communicate differently. From neurodivergent employees, to multilingual staff and beyond. 

    It’s particularly helpful for: HR Generalists, Talent Managers, DEIB Specialists (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging), Training & Development Leads, Employee Engagement & Staff Performance Managers, Disability & Neurodiversity Champions.

  • No. You do not need to download or install any software to take part. You only need to have access to the internet.

  • Send an email to d.thomson@texthelp.com for any technical help.

  • All attendees have access to captions for every session, as well as full transcripts and presentation slides (where relevant). However, if you have any accessibility issues please reach out to d.thomson@texthelp.com