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NHS Supply Chain Leads the Way in Online Accessibility

NHS Supply Chain Leads the Way in Online Accessibility

NHS Supply Chain, the provider of patient-focussed healthcare products and supply chain services to the UK’s National Health Service (NHS), has adopted the online reading and translation support solution - browsealoud on its website:

Recognising the importance of its online services, NHS Supply Chain aims to ensure that no website visitor is excluded. Visitors to the site with print and cognitive disabilities including; dyslexia, mild visual impairments, the elderly and those with English as a second language can benefit from online information and services. 

Accessible online services are becoming a priority for organisations as they follow in the footsteps of the government’s ‘Digital by Default’ strategy. This strategy aims to provide high quality digital services, by focusing on users and supporting those who are not yet online. NHS Supply Chain is already one step ahead in encouraging everyone online and ensuring that its online services are accessible to all. 

Supplying over 620,000 healthcare products and employing 2,400 staff, NHS Supply Chain is providing support to those who may have previously been unable to access their digital services. Customers, employees and communities in which they work are at the core of the organisation, with strict ethical standards set out by them to ensure no one is left behind.  

Timothy Smith, Web Manager, at NHS Supply Chain commented “Working with browsealoud enables us to deliver the user-friendly website experience that our customers expect as a partner to the NHS. Browsealoud’s speech and reading support tools continue to be an important element of our web accessibility standards and it provides additional functionality to our customers who require reading support to access our content. As part of the growing number of organisations who use browsealoud’s technology, it continues to help us provide a better online experience to end users.”

With more than 7,000 websites and learning platforms now using the solution, browsealoud is designed to make online content more accessible. By reading and translating online content aloud as well as providing a host of additional features, browsealoud helps all websites to become more inclusive.

Other features include: high quality voices with written and spoken translations in 33 languages, written translations in a further 42 languages, dual-colour highlighting of text, text magnification, MP3 generation, webpage simplification, contrast options, screen masking and customisable options to suit individual needs or preferences.