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Help students to achieve more

with reading and writing

Give students the tools they need to succeed

Provide students with access to a suite of different reading support tools, including text-to-speech with a wide range of voices. Speech-to-text is supported when using the Dragon speech recognition software. Convert printed paper documents and image files into accessible PDF, Word and plain text documents.

Use ClaroRead to

Create more confident learners

Help students to work with more confidence.

ClaroRead will ensure that work is completed to a high standard. Giving students the opportunity to focus on the content of their work.

Support neurodiverse students

ClaroRead is particularly useful for supporting neurodiverse learners.

The range of tools available through the toolbar helps to create an equal opportunity for all.

ClaroRead for exams

ClaroRead SE is a simplified version of ClaroRead that gives you all the reading support of the bigger program but has none of the writing or study skills features.

ClaroRead SE is also JCQ approved for use in exams where students are not allowed to use spell check or word prediction.

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Features at a glance

  • Play Icon

    Text-to-speech: Read what is typed including individual words, passages, or whole documents aloud with easy-to-follow dual colour highlighting

  • A B C with a check mark

    Spellchecker: Speaking spell checker lets students select the word you want by hearing the alternatives

  • Download audio icon

    Listening later: Read text into an audio or video file to listen to later

  • Scan Icon

    Scanning (OCR): Convert printed documents and image files into PDF, Word and many other formats for reading and annotation later.

    • Microphone Icon

      Dictation: When paired with Dragon Professional (not included)

    • A B C with a check mark

      Dictionary: Speaking dictionary for any word in any program with over 300,000 English definitions

    • Eye scan icon

      Screen capture: Make any text displayed on the screen read aloud

    • prediction icon

      Word prediction: Suggests words as students type to help with spelling and writing

    What our ClaroRead customers say

    “We have just started using ClaroRead. The software is incredibly easy to use and very powerful. Our pupils have found it to be incredibly useful. I must mention the support we have received from the company which has been above and beyond what could be expected. Many thanks.”

    Where it works

    ClaroRead is available for Windows, Mac, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, iPad and Android. Students can use ClaroRead on their laptop, tablet or Chromebook.

    How can you try or buy ClaroRead?

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    • Yes - The software can be used with headphones. ClaroRead SE is also JCQ approved for use in exams where students are not allowed to use spell check or word prediction.

    • Yes- There are 80 voices in 30 languages to choose from.

    • Yes. ScreenRuler for PC and ScreenRuler for Mac supports dual monitors

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