Is your online content understood by your audience?

Half of the UK working population have a reading age of 11-years-old or younger. 

Do you take this into consideration when writing online content? 

Complicated language can be a barrier to your audience. Using difficult words, jargon and long sentences makes your content harder to read.  

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image of reading age in UK
image showing that we make all subjects accessible

It makes good business sense

Making your online content readable by more people - just makes sense.  

Using plain language online will ensure a better service to your web visitors - saving you time and money as a result.

‘The Royal Mail saved £500,000 in nine months by redesigning one form in plain English’ (Joe Kimble Writing for Dollars)

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The solution

CopyCert measures the readability of your website. It highlights mature words based on our own unique research, and long sentences and jargon based on UK government guidelines.

An innovative Google Chrome™ extension and an analytics report are provided. Making it really easy for webmasters, copywriters and content owners to check website content and make edits that are necessary. 

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