Equatio Mobile

All the tools for digital maths, right at your fingertips, on a mobile device or iPad.

There are three simple ways to input maths with Equatio Mobile

Handwrite maths

This lets you use the touchscreen of a phone or tablet to handwrite maths. It’s particularly useful for students who prefer to handwrite maths but don’t have access to a touchscreen computer or Chromebook.

Record maths

The next input style is Record. This allows your or your students to dictate maths into the microphone of the phone or tablet. This is great for students on-the-go, or for anyone who finds it easier to explain their understanding out loud.

Maths images

The final input style is maths image. Simply take a photo with your phone or tablet’s camera and it will be converted to typed math using OCR scanning technology. It can be a photo of anything, whether it be handwritten maths on a scratch piece of paper, notes on the whiteboard, a worksheet, or a geometric shape found in nature.

What educators say

“Playing with #Equatio and the mobile feature. Love drawing equations on my phone and auto uploading them to my doc! So cool!! #TCSDshare”

Equatio is free for teachers!

We offer our digital math tool free for K-12 teachers.

This means you can get a premium subscription of Equatio for free!