You have purchased an EquatIO® subscription! With EquatIO, students of all ages and learning abilities can engage with maths and STEM content in the ways they prefer.

We’ve put this guide together to help you, your colleagues, and your students get the most out of EquatIO. From valuable resources to best practices, we’ll provide the information you need to start supporting all of your students in their maths and STEM classrooms.

To start, we’ll walk you through the implementation process...

1. Before deployment

Even before you deploy EquatIO, we recommend making everyone (staff, students, parents) aware of the ‘blue diamond’ that will soon be showing up on their or their students’ devices. That way, teachers and students will be excited to explore EquatIO as soon as it’s available to them, increasing engagement and providing a higher return on investment.

Examples from other customers:
  • Create flyers to hand-out during staff meetings, in classrooms, or to post around the school
  • Put stickers on shared or personal computers to promote EquatIO’s arrival
  • Write letters home to parents, informing them of EquatIO and its benefits
  • Include EquatIO on the Technology Department’s webpage
  • Promote EquatIO on the school intranet

Do things before you deploy EquatIO

2. The IT Stuff

Once you’ve created some buzz around EquatIO, it’s time for deployment! Make sure you have your Product Code (you received this in your welcome email) to get started.

The EquatIO Deployment Support Article contains all the information you’ll need to deploy EquatIO on any platform, including Google Chrome, Windows, and Mac.

If you purchased EquatIO for Canvas, you’ll want your Canvas Administrator to visit the Admin Installation of EquatIO for Canvas Support Article to find additional deployment details.

If at any time you have any questions, please visit our support site or contact

Install EquatIO

Now that you’ve successfully set up EquatIO, it’s time to onboard your educators and students. If you’re ready, click the link below to continue!