LaTeX Editor

Take the stress out of making math online with Equatio’s LaTeX editor.

Adding advanced math expressions to online math doesn’t have to be hard work. The LaTeX Editor in Equatio is your online LaTeX equation editor. Equatio’s technology has taken the hard work out of creating and editing LaTeX expressions.

Use LaTex confidently

Equatio makes constructing LaTeX expressions easy. For teachers and higher ed students this means Equatio can be used as the go-to LateX equation editor. Simply copy LaTeX content into the toolbar and see it in real-time as math content. Equatio allows users to input simple or complex expressions, and transform their work into LaTeX at the click of a button. Simply type, write directly on-screen, or speak, and Equatio does the hard work.

Capture math content from anywhere online

We’ve also built LaTeX into our ‘screenshot reader’ which means you can snap any math content from PDF’s, images, videos or the web and capture the LaTeX code to use anywhere. Users can take a screenshot of an inaccessible LaTeX expression, convert it into an accessible formula, which will automatically be read aloud. Once converted, the LaTeX expression can then be pasted directly into the Equatio editor for editing.

Write and edit LaTeX in Canvas

Equatio for Canvas is an easy-to-use plugin that integrates seamlessly with the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) on the Chrome browser. This allows you add LaTeX expressions, equations, formulas, and more into the Rich Content Editor with a click.

What educators say

“Equatio has significantly increased my quality of life when making google slides with math. And I love that it has LaTeX option in it. Thank you, #EquatIO.”

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