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Providing support for DSA students

We design solutions that support students who qualify for the Disabled Students’ Allowance. Our maths tool EquatIO, provides DSA students with the supports they need to succeed in maths and STEM.

Make maths accessible

EquatIO provides DSA students with the tools they need to access and engage with STEM based courses. Including maths, chemistry and formula prediction and a screenshot reader to have maths content read aloud.


Empower students with dyslexia, dyspraxia or dyscalculia to reach their full potential in STEM. EquatIO's inbuilt maths-to-speech function makes notation easy for students with reading and writing difficulties. Simply dictate a mathematical expression (or pick a ready-made formula from EquatIO's huge library), then click to add to a document.

EquatIO Prediction

In this video, find out how STEM learners with reading and writing difficulties can use EquatIO prediction to support their learning.

EquatIO Mobile

EquatIO Mobile lets students convert handwritten or textbook maths images into accessible documents. In this video, see how EquatIO Mobile brings more accessibility into the STEM classroom.

Screenshot Reader

Transform PDFs, webpages and images into accessible maths or science content with EquatIO's screenshot reader.

Reach every learner

EquatIO has been designed with the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) in mind. With multiple input methods, EquatIO allows DSA students to engage with maths and STEM in personalised ways.

An assessor’s guide

We’ve created a handy guide with assessors in mind. To explain how EquatIO can be helpful for students who qualify for DSA. Including accessibility features for specific needs such as visual impairments.

Supporting literacy and numeracy

Although Read&Write and EquatIO products are recommended separately, they complement each other and when used together offer additional accessibility features for specific needs.

What our customers say

I couldn’t do my course without EquatIO, it has empowered me. I’ve tried various other solutions and EquatIO is the only one that does nearly all the things that I need it to do. To sum it up in three words EquatIO to me is essential, empowering and a solution.

Do you have more questions about our tools?

Contact our DSA Specialist if you have any unanswered questions about our products or to request an assessor copy of EquatIO.