All aboard!

At this point, you should have successfully set up EquatIO. If not, please return to the implementation section of our guide. Otherwise, let’s start onboarding educators and students!

1. Get educators on board

We’ve created a short presentation that you can use to introduce EquatIO to fellow educators (we recommend starting with a small group of tech-savvy teachers who can help you as you promote more widespread adoption). The presentation highlights several of EquatIO’s useful features that can make life easier for teachers and bring value to students.

Resources for teachers to explore on their own:
  • Training Portal - free, short courses that explain how the software works and provides strategies and best practices for using it in the classroom
  • YouTube Playlist - how-to demo videos for a deep-dive into how each feature works
  • Quick Reference Guides - explanations for each button within EquatIO for Google, EquatIO for Windows/Mac, and EquatIO mathspace
  • EquatIO-related blogs - best practices and thought pieces related to EquatIO, maths, and STEM
  • Infographic - why maths literacy matters and how technology can help

Get Educators onboard with EquatIO

2. Promote widespread adoption

We’ve asked some of our current customers to share how they’ve successfully promoted widespread adoption to educators. Here were some of their suggestions:

Early Adopters/Champions:
  • Find early classroom adopters of EquatIO to determine best practices and become EquatIO champions
  • Have your champions train colleagues in small group settings
Sharing is Caring:
  • Use internal message boards or the school intranet to encourage educators to share their findings, ask questions, etc.
Bite-Sized Learning:
  • Set up Lunch & Learns to review specific features of the tool
Make the tool part of your school:
  • Create your own internal resources or videos that reflect your culture, values, student body, etc. - here is an example from Edmonton Catholic Schools
  • Include EquatIO training for new hires

Equatio widespread adoption

3. Roll out to students

Randy Lyseng, an assistant principal and Texthelp customer, shares how important it is to get students involved in the onboarding process as early as possible in his blog, Rolling out assistive technology in a school environment. As the ones using the tool, students are best suited to show others (including teachers) how it can support them in the classroom.

Additional best practices:
  • Encourage teachers to spend a few minutes in class introducing new features
  • Identify students to become EquatIO champions and set up peer mentoring
  • Include training during orientations for Freshmen and transfer students
  • Use the school intranet/LMS to share training materials, internal resources, and success stories for students and parents

Roll EquatIO out to students

Now that you’ve successfully introduced EquatIO to your educators and rolled it out to students, it’s time to take usage to the next level with more advanced training and actual classroom activities. If you’re ready, click the link below to continue!