STEM Tools

Immersing students in STEM with EquatIO’s STEM tools.

EquatIO is not just for maths educators. We’ve got tools for science teachers too. With a chemical formula writer, periodic table, and more, there’s lots to help you and your students get to grips with digital science.

Periodic Table

Reading and understanding the periodic table is an important skill in the science classroom. The Periodic table in EquatIO allows students to explore the full periodic table, find out more information on each element, such as elements are metals, non-metals, or which groups contain alkali metals, transition metals, halogens and noble gas. Students can also easily insert the elements they need directly into their work using the Equation Editor.

Molecular viewer

The Molecular viewer is designed to help students of all ages engage with 3D images of proteins and other chemistry structures up close. There’s lots of different views of each structure such as ball and stick, a simple stick view, sphere, and more to help students understand the make up of chemical structures.

Desmos scientific calculator

The Desmos scientific calculator is built into EquatIO, allowing students to access it at the touch of a button. As well as basic functions and a standard numeric keypad and operator signs, the Desmos scientific calculator allows students to explore trigonometry, roots, functions, exponents, and more.

What educators say

“Why am I always the last one to find out about updates to @texthelp's #EquatIO. Really liking the new STEM Tools button that includes the Periodic Table and @Desmos Scientific Calculator.”

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