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How can students draw graphs in the digital maths environment?

For some students, the key to understanding a maths concept is seeing it represented visually.

In the chalkboard era this was easy to do by drawing a graph on the board to represent an equation. Now that we’ve moved to more digital maths practice, how can students still see their work represented as a visual?

How does this impact your learners?

Having easy access to a graphing coordinate plane is essential in any maths classroom.

Not all students learn the same way and giving students a visual like a graph can really help them to grasp more challenging concepts in the STEM classroom. If students are used to working digitally, or remotely, how can you ask them to show their work and thinking in a digital way?

Using Equatio’s graphing calculator to show maths concepts

In today’s digital classroom a graphing calculator is the easiest way for students to explore equations, plot data, and visualise new maths concepts. We’ve teamed up with Desmos to give your students quick and simple access to a graphing calculator right inside our STEM tool, Equatio. What’s even better is that thanks to Desmos, the Graphing Calculator has lots of accessibility features built into it so it’s suitable for all of your students.

How does a graphing calculator work?

Equatio’s graphing calculator is powered by Desmos technology.

  1. It allows students to make deeper connections to the maths they can visualise.
  2. The calculator makes graphing much easier and helps to increase students’ conceptual understanding.
  3. The graphing calculator provides more accuracy when it comes to locating intercepts, visualising functions, and finding solutions.

What our customers say

“If you're making up math practice problems using #Equatio, let the built in @Desmos Graph Editor help create the answer key. The @Desmos graphing calculator isn't just for graphing, it solves equations and evaluates expressions too. #mtbos #iTeachMath”

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