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Reading fluency passages

Choose from nearly 500 passages sorted by reading age, lexile level and topic.

Reading passages at the touch of a button

Do you struggle finding the time to search for reading resources for your students?

Teachers no longer need to spend hours trying to find their own reading passages. Fluency Tutor provides 500 passages already sorted by reading age, lexile level and topic.

  • Save time and effort sourcing relevant passages
  • Provide all students with reading passages based on age and interest
  • Easily meet the needs of different levels of readers in your class

You can even create your own passages

With over 500 built in reading passages we don’t think you’ll ever run out of reading material.

But with Fluency Tutor you can also create custom reading passages for your students.

Transform reading assessment

“Busy teachers save valuable time as they can listen to the recording when it best suits them and instead focus on looking at performance, because that's what matters most.” - Discover how West Warwick Public Schools (RI) used Fluency Tutor to assess students as readers, not numbers.

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