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A grammar, spelling and readability checker that helps everyone in your organisation to create internal and external content that’s easy to understand by all.

Guides staff to create content in line with accessibility best practice.

As an organisation, your relationship with your employees and customers is important. So, making sure your communications can be understood by all is important. An automated readability checker can help.

The ReachDeck Editor makes it easier for everyone to check the quality and accessibility of their written content. Giving you assurance that your communications are accessible to all.

  • Highlights grammar, spelling and readability errors at the time of writing
  • Identifies reading age and jargon words, helping staff to use Plain English language
  • Identifies the use of long sentences, supporting staff to simplify content

Here's a short demo...

In this video listen as Stuart Blair, Workplace Product Manager at Texthelp, gives a quick overview of the ReachDeck Editor.

If you'd like to try the ReachDeck Editor for yourself, we're offering a free 30 day trial. Try ReachDeck free and gain access to the Auditor, Editor and Toolbar.

As many as 1 in 4 UK adults have very low literacy skills. And 10% have dyslexia, which can cause reading challenges.

Not only that, nearly 8% of people in the UK speak English as a Second language. Using simple language and friendly sentence structure helps to maximise inclusivity.

The ReachDeck Editor helps your staff to write in a way which is easier for everyone to understand.  And ensures your content is created in line with the recommended reading age bracket of 9-15 years. Helping you to reach a wider audience. And maintain an inclusive brand.

Simple, short and clear benefits our fast-paced world too!

Your readers live in a multitasking world. And often content is consumed on-the-go. Some may snack on content in between meetings, while others digest it as they’re watching Netflix.

The ReachDeck Editor helps your organisation to keep content simple, short and clear. Helping every reader to focus on your message with ease. No matter where they are or what they’re doing.

What our customers say

"It's not possible to deliver great customer service if you don't take into account people's needs and preferences when your communicate with them...ReachDeck is helping us by giving us the tools to manage that proactively and to be as inclusive as we can in our communications"

Lourdes Sharpe, Citizen Housing

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