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Adds text-to-speech, reading and translation support to your website. Providing your web visitors with instant access to assistive features. And helping to reduce barriers between your digital content and your diverse online audiences.

The ReachDeck Toolbar makes your digital content more available to everyone.

Web accessibility software supports people with disabilities to navigate the internet independently. But only 1 in 10 people in need have access to assistive technology due to the high costs. Adding a website accessibility toolbar to your site helps you to give your visitors a better online experience.

  • Supports people with visual impairments and hidden disabilities. As well as those who lack basic digital skills and non-native speakers
  • Helps everyone to feel welcomed and included in our digital-first world
  • Empowers you to reach every web visitor with an inclusive experience

Features include

  • Text-to-Speech reads on-screen text out loud with read along highlighting
  • Translation allows words to be translated into multiple languages  
  • Picture Dictionary displays word meaning through illustration
  • MP3 maker converts online content into MP3 files for easy listening
  • Screen Mask with reading pane reduces visual stress and improves focus
  • Text Magnifier magnifies text and reads it out loud. This increases accessibility of even the smallest web text 
  • Webpage Simplifier creates a simplified view of a webpage and removes distracting content

1 in 7 people have some form of disability. For some, this can impact their ability to browse, buy and access online content or services.

Everyone deserves a barrier-free digital experience. To be able to navigate freely,  independently and with ease. The ReachDeck Toolbar allows your visitors to personalise how they access your content or services. Not only helping you to increase accessibility, but supporting your inclusive brand. And as an audience with £1 trillion in annual disposable income, this can be good for business too.

Using the ReachDeck Toolbar

Supporting online visitors

Many disabled users experience barriers when they’re on the web. The ReachDeck Toolbar helps to make your content more available and accessible.

“Site visits usually include less able visitors who are looking for adapted homes to better their quality of life. The ReachDeck Toolbar delivers the help they need to login, browse and bid for the housing they need. It gives them back their independence - being able to do things themselves and that's amazing.”

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Breaks down communication barriers. Improve the accessibility, readability and reach of your online content.