Why Choose ReachDeck vs Recite Me

Expand your web accessibility toolkit with our website assistive toolbar, accessibility scanner and grammar & readability checker.

ReachDeck and Recite Me provide tools to help you improve the inclusiveness and accessibility of your website and online content.

There are several differences between Recite Me and our product, ReachDeck.

As a tech company, we know the value of an honest comparison when deciding between a few final options. Below, you’ll find an analysis of ReachDeck vs Recite Me, based completely on the facts. By the end, you’ll know with certainty which tool suits your needs best.

Please note, the information in this guide is correct at the time of writing. If you notice anything that is incorrect or needs updated, please get in touch and let us know.

What’s included in ReachDeck and Recite Me?

ReachDeck is essentially 3 products in 1. There is the website toolbar (previously known as Browsealoud). The Auditor which identifies WCAG compliance issues on your site (WCAG means Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. They’re considered the international standard for web accessibility). And, the Editor which helps you improve the quality and readability of your content.

Recite Me currently offers a website assistive toolbar. The toolbar is similar in principle to the ReachDeck toolbar. There are a few differences which we’ll compare later in the guide. Recite Me did announce plans to launch a web accessibility scanner in 2021, but there is no mention of it on their website at this time.

Both website toolbars are straightforward to install on your website by adding a code snippet to the pages you want it to appear on (usually every page). The ReachDeck Auditor and Editor tools are separate applications that can be accessed from the ReachDeck portal when you login.

Does a website toolbar make your website accessible?

Website toolbars do not fix the underlying accessibility issues on your website. They provide options for visitors to customize how they consume the content on your site. This choice does create a more inclusive experience for visitors, but the best approach is to resolve the underlying technical and content issues.

That really explains why we built our Auditor and Editor tools. Auditor identifies WCAG issues, readability problems and broken links. It gives you the information you need to build a better and more accessible website. Editor helps you to write content that’s easy for everyone to understand, because it identifies readability errors as you type. This helps you to make your content more usable and inclusive for your audience

Let’s compare tools and features of both products

We take security and privacy seriously

At Texthelp all our products are developed to ISO 27001 standards. This means that the integrity and confidentiality of the information on your website are never compromised by using our products.

An ISO 27001 certification means that we have met the international standard for security management systems. We continually work to ensure we implement best practices and procedures for the management of information security. This includes the confidentiality and privacy of our customer information.

We have numerous policies and procedures to ensure the protection of your data, including encryption and authentication protocols.

What’s next?

The fact that you’re on this page is a good indicator that you’re planning to improve the accessibility and inclusivity of your website and online content. That’s the most important thing; taking action to make online experiences more accessible is a huge step in the right direction.

We would obviously love you to take that step with us and our ReachDeck product. If you’ve any follow up questions or would like to see ReachDeck in action for yourself before making your decision, our team will be happy to help.

The support you get with a ReachDeck subscription

To help you make the most from your new software, we'll also provide you with lots of resources along the way. As well as having access to our friendly team, you'll find everything you need at our ReachDeck customer resource hub. From guides to using ReachDeck's features. To assets that'll help you share your new software across your teams.

Our support site gives you access to lots of common questions that other users of our software have about the technical stuff. If you can't find what you're looking for there, then our Tech Support team is on hand at support@texthelp.com 9-5pm every day to help with troubleshooting or technical problems.

We're always working on making our products better, so any improvements or enhancements are pushed out automatically to you, there's no upgrading to do on your part.

All of this is included as part of your subscription. We do not charge any extra for these services.