Removing barriers to accessible web content

One in 7 people globally have a disability. Many of them experience barriers when they’re on the web. And often, their online experience leaves them feeling unwelcome. Providing a website accessibility toolbar can help. That’s where the ReachDeck Toolbar comes in.

Supporting online visitors with ReachDeck’s website accessibility toolbar

Your online visitors are made up from a diverse audience. Some may have vision or hearing impairments. Others may have literacy difficulties or cognitive challenges. And some may be neurodiverse. Providing your visitors with a website accessibility toolbar can help them use your website. It supports an inclusive online experience for everyone. And ensures your visitors are met with accessible web content. Helping them to browse, buy and access services independently.

The ReachDeck Toolbar supports your web visitors to engage with your digital content. It provides them with text-to-speech, reading and translation support. Not only supporting those with disabilities, but non-native speakers too.

Ensuring available and accessible web content for all

Inclusion is something that should be on everyone’s mind. Especially at a time where essential communications are being delivered in a digital-first way. Every visitor should be able to access and perceive your online content. Some users may use assistive technology to navigate the internet independently. This includes screen readers, text magnification, and speech recognition software. But not everyone has access. In fact only one in 10 people in need have access to assistive technology products due to the high costs. That’s why many organisations are recognising the benefits of adding a website accessibility toolbar to their site.

ReachDeck Toolbar

The ReachDeck Toolbar helps you to reach a much wider audience with available and accessible web content for all. It’s features empower users to change the format of digital content to suit their needs. Helping you to maximise engagement and build trust.

Features - at a glance

  • ReadWrite Text to Speech Icon

    Text-to-Speech reads text out loud with synchronized highlighting

  • ReachDeck Toolbar Picture Dictionary Icon

    Picture Dictionary displays word meaning through illustration.  And provides visual definitions of unfamiliar words

  • ReachDeck Toolbar Screen Mask Icon

    Screen Mask provides a screen tint overlay with focal reading point. Supporting users with sensitivity to color and light. And helping users to better focus on written text

  • ReachDeck Toolbar Text Magnifier Icon

    Text Magnifier magnifies text and reads it out loud. Helping to increase accessibility of even the smallest web text

    • ReachDeck Toolbar Simplify Icon

      Webpage Simplifier creates a simplified view of a webpage. Removing distractions and helping users to focus on what’s important

    • ReachDeck Toolbar MP3 Icon

      MP3 Maker converts online content into audio. Helping visitors to engage with large pieces of content

    • ReachDeck Toolbar Translation Icon

      Translation translates text in over 100 languages

    Common barriers to accessible web content

    Did you know that 70% of disabled users will leave a website if they experience barriers? And instead take their spending power of £1 trillion to an accessible alternative. Providing a website accessibility toolbar makes good business sense too!

    Barriers to accessible web content can come in many forms. According to research, some of the most common online barriers include;

    • The ability to perceive content due to crowded pages, distracting moving images and graphics, and poor color contrast and text layout
    • The ability to navigate across a website because of poor keyboard access, and meaningless link information

    The ReachDeck Toolbar helps to remove common barriers to accessible web content

    Web Page Simplifier removes distracting content, helping to minimise visual overload. And Screen Mask allows users to place a tinted overlay across their screen, in any colour of their choice. It’s also fully keyboard accessible and can be customised to the users needs. 

    Not only that, it makes it easier for you to offer your content in multiple formats. For example, Text-to-speech and MP3 Maker transforms written content into an audio format. It also reads alt-tags behind images, to provide oral description to the visually impaired. Picture Dictionary supports accessible web content by providing visual definitions of unfamiliar words. And Translation ensures accessible web content no matter the native language of your visitors.

    And with ReachDeck, you get the Toolbar and so much more!

    So far we’ve given you an overview of ReachDeck’s website accessibility toolbar. We haven’t even told you about the ReachDeck Editor yet. It helps everyone in your organisation to create accessible web content that’s easy for everyone to understand. Or the ReachDeck Auditor, which helps you to meet WCAG compliance. So why not explore more about ReachDeck today.

    Build trust. Remove barriers. Maximise engagement

    Breaks down communication barriers. Improve the accessibility, readability and reach of your online content.