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Read&Write premium features

With 80+ premium features, you’ll want to see what’s included.

See what's included

Feature Free Premium
Text to speech
Hear documents and web pages read out loud, with read-along highlighting
Included in Free
Included in Premium
Instantly clarify and define words as you type
Included in Premium
Picture dictionary
Visualise meaning to build confidence and comprehension
Included in Premium
Enrich your writing with word suggestions
Included in Premium
Collect your thoughts and take notes with coloured highlighters
Included in Premium
Vocab list
Save words and compile your own personal glossary
Included in Premium
Check it
Check for spelling, grammar and confusable word errors
Included in Premium

And that’s just the start. Get in touch to find out about ALL premium features.

How much does Read&Write cost?

Free 30-Day Trial

Free access to all Read&Write features for 30 days - ideal for teachers or parents who want to try Read&Write.

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Free 90-Day pilot

Experience a full roll-out of Read&Write for a large group of users. Includes access to all premium features and implementation materials.

Check out pricing

Our pricing page provides guide prices for Read&Write - contact our sales team to get specific pricing based on the number of users who need a license.

Do you need to purchase a single license for personal use?

If you’re a teacher, parent or individual who wishes to purchase their own Read&Write license, please use our store. You can purchase up to 10 single licenses using your credit or debit card.