Read&Write for Windows

Now supporting students in both Arabic and English

Supporting every learner in the GCC region 

Read&Write helps to improve literacy and fluency for over 16 million users worldwide and is available in both Arabic and English.

Providing support and inclusion for every learner at every level, regardless of language ability.

Need a helping hand?

Developed to offer students the chance to think, study, and produce work in both Arabic and English, we’ve got lots of great resources to help you to get up and running with Read&Write. This includes a wide variety of video resources and online support to help you find your way around the product. As well as some dedicated training courses if you want to become an expert.

Quick Reference Guide

Details of all the comprehensive set of features you will find on the toolbar.

Teacher Lesson Plans & Student Activity Sheets

Ideas to help you and your students get started with our software.

Next steps

We’d love to provide you with more information through a demo, free trial or a whole school pilot for you and your school to explore Read&Write further.