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Read&Write Free for Family

Helping our customers to pass on the gift of inclusion.

Like us, our customers value diversity and inclusion. Together, we’re supporting over 40 million people with our inclusion tool Read&Write.

Read&Write is a powerful set of reading and writing tools that support those of us who think, work and learn differently. In the workplace, it can provide instant and discreet support to neurodivergent employees, without them having to ask for it.  

We love being part of the success story of our customers and product users. But we’re always striving for more. 

That’s why we’ve introduced Read&Write Free for Family.

What is Read&Write Free for Family?

Studies have shown that there is a hereditary link to many neurodiverse conditions. With this in mind, we realised many Read&Write for Work users may have a family member that could benefit from our tool too. With Read&Write Free for Family, our users can give Read&Write to members of their immediate family for free.

This offering will be available to our customer organisations with an ‘Enterprise’ package, meaning they provide Read&Write for Work to all their staff. For our customers, this means they can help their employees to support those that matter to them most - their families. And for their families, technology that can help them to understand and be understood.

Who can access this offering?

Read&Write Free for Family is being offered as an extra perk to our customers with an ‘Enterprise’ package. That means, our customer organisations that provide Read&Write for Work to all employees.

By making Read&Write available to all employees, these customers are rest assured that 100% of their neurodivergent employees have access to inclusive tools. They can support their staff without asking them to self-identify - which, according to research, 76% of people with a disability or neurodiverse condition don’t feel comfortable doing.

With Read&Write Free for Family, these customers are also able to go above and beyond. They’re empowering their employees to pass on the gift of inclusion.

Want to know more?

If you’re not a Read&Write customer and would like to know more, please get in touch. Our team would be happy to arrange a free demo or trial of Read&Write for Work.

If you’re a Read&Write for Work customer that offers Read&Write to a small group of employees, talk to us about upgrading. That way, you’ll be able to access Read&Write Free for Family too!

Simply fill in the form and select the option that applies to you.

If you're already eligible for Read&Write Free for Family...

If your organisation has an 'Enterprise' license and provides Read&Write to all staff members, you already have access to Read&Write Free for Family. Reach out to your Customer Relationship Champion to find out how your employees can give Read&Write to their family member/s.