Supporting dyslexic employees with literacy software for adults

One in 10 people have dyslexia. Read&Write for Work helps neurodivergent employees to thrive in their own way.

What is Read&Write for Work?

Read&Write for Work is literacy software for adults. It supports those who think, learn and work differently. For example people with Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Autism and ADHD. It's a powerful set of reading and writing tools that help neurodiverse workforces to thrive.

Read&Write’s features support Dyslexic employees to overcome barriers that the digital workplace can bring. Its features allow them to understand more and work in their own way. This can help to reduce stress in the fast-paced world of work.

  • Advanced spell checkers and Word Prediction supports literacy challenges
  • Text-to-Speech helps with information processing, and makes proofreading easier
  • Screen Mask improves focus and concentration 
  • Dictation supports accuracy in communication, helping to relieve stress throughout the busy working day

How do employees benefit from literacy software for dyslexia?

Dyslexic minds often process information visually and with originality. To their team members, people with dyslexia are often known as the problem-solvers. They might also be known for their ability to look at tasks with a full and creative approach. And be known for being detailed verbal communicators. But for many, the digital workplace creates barriers to their success.

In our modern workspace, we mostly connect with one another in the written format. And there’s an ever-increasing demand for accurate and speedy work. As employees with dyslexia navigate this environment, it’s not without its stresses. Literacy software for dyslexia supports an inclusive workplace. Read&Write allows us to instantly support the huge numbers of people who struggle with digital text in some way.

Meet Colin, user of assistive technology

Colin is a UK Civil Service Governance Manager with dyslexia. Describing his experience with the inclusion tool, Colin says;

 “I have strategies to deal with my dyslexia, and one of the most important ones is Read&Write. It helps me when I'm drafting any work-related papers. It picks up spelling mistakes, homophones, all the things that dyslexics have problems with. I've been using it for about 20 years. ”

Colin was recommended Read&Write through an Occupational Health Assessment. At this time, he was struggling in a new job role which involved a lot of reading and writing. Colin explains, “I was having a really bad time, almost sacked because of that.” But since receiving support including Read&Write, Colin has been thriving in his career.

Reflecting on his success, Colin says; “Texthelp Read&Write has been a large part of me making my promotions to where I am today.”

Discover how Read&Write can support dyslexic employees

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Read&Write’s features support…

Speedy processing

Many individuals with dyslexia process information best when it's audible. Text-to-speech allows them to decode text in their preferred way. Helping them to take in information much quicker. And proofread their work much faster.

Read&Write offers text-to-speech across any platform or device. And supports easy listening on the go.

Improved focus

Individuals with dyslexia might find it difficult to focus. Read&Write provides a screen masking feature that helps to focus the users attention on content they want to read.

It helps to remove what many dyslexics describe as ‘distorted and moving text’. This makes it easier to interpret, and supports employees to finish tasks.

Quick response

In the workplace, urgent matters creep up. Employees need to be able to react quickly, and with accuracy. Dictation gives employees a different choice of input. Employees simply speak their thoughts and watch as the words appear on screen.

This helps those with dyslexia to get their thoughts down, without worry over the mechanics of spelling. Helping them to respond much faster without feeling overwhelmed.

Read&Write offers instant, discreet support to everyone

Many people with dyslexia are diagnosed later in life, if diagnosed at all. In fact, whilst the official statistic is that 10% of us are dyslexic, it’s estimated that this figure is more likely to be 16%. In addition, 3 in 4 of us hide our Dyslexia from our employers. Being made to feel different can be a worry.

Read&Write allows you to offer instant, discreet support to everyone, meaning no-one has to self-identify.  It helps you to create a working environment where employees are supported to work in their own way, right from the start.

I'd be nowhere without Read&Write because it makes my workload at least 99.9% easier to manage. It completely super charged my efficiency. We get client briefs that are at least 5 pages long. I'd be still reading it until 5:30pm, but with Read&Write I can fly through documents with ease and get my head around the needs of my clients. It's made me a better Motion Designer and more organised at work.

Read&Write supports your commitment to workplace inclusion

Employees with dyslexia may have their own ways of coping. But literacy software for dyslexia gives an extra level of support. As employers, we must do our best to make sure our employees feel supported and confident to bring their whole selves to work.

Read&Write can help you to demonstrate your commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. A workplace culture that embraces diversity supports personal achievement and organisational success. Supporting employees to achieve and succeed. Helping organisations to make the workplace somewhere where great things happen - for everyone.

All this & more available with

Supports people who think, learn and work differently. Helps neurodiverse workforces to thrive.