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Improving productivity in the workplace

Staff work quicker when documents are easily available and accessible to them. And are more productive if they can complete tasks in a way which suits their working style. Productivity tools can help.

With powerful productivity features, Read&Write for Work makes everyday tasks more efficient.

Read&Write for Work opens up digital content. It helps employees to quickly unlock pdf files for editing. And supports document translation for those who speak English as a second language.

When it comes to task completion, it empowers employees to work in a way that’s comfortable and efficient for them.

  • Turn paper documents and PDFs into accessible digital formats
  • Translate content easily, at the click of a button
  • Compile information with ease
  • Provide detailed feedback in an instant
  • Process large documents on the go

Use the Scan feature to unlock PDF files for editing

In the digital workplace, PDF files are one of the many documents that staff receive. But it’s not easy for employees to edit a PDF document, or add notes. Instead, staff resort to printing and adding manual notes before scanning it back in. Or, they’ll start a fresh document and begin to type from scratch. This takes much more time than it should. It reduces employee productivity.

With Read&Write for Work, staff can easily unlock PDFs and turn them into an editable format. To make a PDF editable, simply use the Scan feature to convert the document into an accessible format. It only takes a minute. Not only that, this feature also means that staff can edit scanned documents. They can turn paper resources into editable digital documents too.

Use Translate for quick and easy document translation

With employees from all backgrounds and walks of life, it’s important to support those that speak English as a second language. Being able to access content in their native language supports task completion. And increases working speed and productivity.

Read&Write for Work offers instant document translation to over 100 languages. Employees can also use the translation feature to translate web pages within their browser of choice.

Highlight & Collect to compile information with ease

Summarising large documents takes time. With Highlight & Collect, staff can collect information from many sources with ease. Including documents, emails and the web.

With four coloured highlighters available, they can categorise information as they go. When they collect the highlighted content, it opens in a brand new document. And, adds the reference source in too.

Use Voice Notes for detailed feedback in an instant

When it comes to collaborating on tasks or providing a task brief, the more detail the better. With Voice Notes, employees can add a spoken comment to a document. This helps them to quickly and easily get their thoughts down. This not only speeds up the process, but offers a friendly alternative to written feedback.

Use Audio Maker to listen on-the-go

Sometimes, there’s just not enough time in the working day. Some employees like to get ahead of their workload, and use their travel time to plan the day ahead.

With Audio Maker, staff can convert text into MP3 files, for listening on the move. This feature helps staff to process large amounts of information much more conveniently.

“It’s not very often one finds assistive software that’s as useful for non-disabled individuals as it is for those with a disability. In our case, Read&Write for Work has not only proved transformative for our dyslexic colleagues, but also opened a door onto functions that allow everyone across the force to benefit”

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