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Feature Free Premium
Text to speech features include: Play, Pause, Forward, Rewind, Stop
The Text-to-Speech feature reads on-screen text out loud, with read-along highlighting
Included in Free
Included in Premium
Check it
Powerful proofreading tool highlights grammar and spelling errors
Included in Premium
Similar Word Checker
Highlights potential homophone errors. Provides a suggested alternative
Included in Premium
Word Prediction
Intuitively predicts word entry, and helps to maintain focus and flow
Included in Premium
Provides instant definitions as words are talked or typed. Supports industry-specific terminology within medical, engineering and legal professions (120,000 specialist words available)
Included in Premium
Screenshot Reader
Capture images and text from documents, web pages and PDFs. Transform them into editable and accessible formats
Included in Premium
Turns the spoken word into text
Included in Premium
Screen Masking
Reduce visual stress with a colour tint overlay. Increase concentration with a focal reading pane
Included in Premium
PDF Reader
Reads PDF documents out loud. Users can highlight words and look up dictionary definitions of any word
Included in Premium
Highlight & Collect
Collects information from multiple sources into a separate document, with automatic source referencing
Included in Premium
Scans paper documents and inaccessible PDFs and converts them into accessible digital documents
Included in Premium
Instantly translates content into multiple languages
Included in Premium
Voice Note
Adds spoken comments to a document or creates a recorded message that can be saved and added to other applications
Included in Premium
Vocab List
Allows the user to save words and compile their own personal glossary
Included in Premium
Audio Maker
Instantly convert text into MP3 audio files for listening on the move
Included in Premium

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