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Text-to-Speech is a product feature of Read&Write for Work. It reads on-screen text out loud with read-along highlighting.

Text-to-Speech software supports a diverse and efficient workforce

Being able to hear content read out loud supports staff with visual impairments, and helps neurodivergent employees to process information easier. Not only that, it has productivity benefits for everyone.

  • Opens up written content, making it more accessible to all
  • Helps to improve understanding and retention of information
  • Amplifies literacy errors, for effective proofreading
  • Improves focus and gives tired eyes a break

At its core, Text-to-Speech software provides assistive support to those that need it. And offers productivity benefits for everyone.

It provides employees with choice in how they engage with written content. And supports everyone to work in a way that suits them. This makes it easier for all staff to access information, understand tasks, and complete work.

“Read&Write [Texthelp’s Text-to-Speech software] allows me to listen to emails and documents I’ve written. I can hear errors in my text that I wouldn’t be able to identify just by reading them. This helps me draft high-quality responses and solutions to clients.”

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