Empower your students like never before

Now available in Arabic and English, Read&Write is perfect for students of all ages and abilities, offering exceptional bilingual support to give every learner the chance to reach their full potential in the classroom, regardless of ability or mother tongue.

Read&Write can help your school to support:
  • Improved reading and writing skills
  • Enhanced vocabulary and fluency
  • Effective study in class, in exams, and at home
  • Inclusivity for all learners
Much more than a piece of assistive technology, Read&Write has been shown to increase comprehension, a fundamental step to increasing literacy and fluency levels towards raising attainment. If you'd like to learn more, watch our new webinar to see just how powerful Read&Write can be to support your students.

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Literacy support for every student

Read&Write provides literacy support tools for the web, common file types and applications, including Microsoft Word, Office 365, as well as web browsers like Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer.

Its powerful features let students: 
  • hear web pages and documents read aloud in Arabic and English to improve comprehension 
  • understand unfamiliar words with Arabic and English text and picture dictionaries 
  • highlight and collect passages to improve independent study 
  • turn documents and web pages into MP3 files for easy listening on the move, and much more!

Supporting every learner in the GCC region 

Now for the first time ever, this amazing tool that helps to improve literacy and fluency for over 16 million users worldwide, can truly support everyone - in both Arabic and English - providing support and inclusion for every learner at every level, regardless of language ability.

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Need a helping hand?

Developed to offer students the chance to think, study, and produce work in both Arabic and English, we’ve got lots of great resources to help you to get up and running with Read&Write - including a wide variety of video resources, as well as online support to help you find your way around the product, and even some dedicated training courses if you want to become an expert.

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Details of all the comprehensive set of features you will find on the toolbar

Teacher Lesson Plans & Student Activity Sheets

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We’d love to provide you with more information through a demo, free trial or a whole school pilot for you and your school to explore Read&Write further