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What is Read&Write?

Used daily by millions of students worldwide, Read&Write is our award-winning literacy toolbar that helps reach every learner and realise their full potential.

Great for all subjects and lesson plans, Read&Write offers support with everyday tasks like reading text out loud, understanding unfamiliar words, researching assignments and proofing written work. It’s also used as a digital reader for UK school examinations at GCSE and A-level, assisting students who are entitled to extra help in the exam room.

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Who does Read&Write benefit?


  • Personalise instruction and promote learner agency. Give your students the opportunity to use a wide range of tools - help them be independent and use technology to help individual needs. Equip students with the tools to organise and study smarter and better
  • Build resources in snap - definition and vocabulary resources, activities, study guides and MP3 versions of current resources in just a few clicks.
  • Create a level playing field for all students - when every student has access, individual students feel more included
  • Give voice notes for quick and effective feedback - saving time and providing students with a way to reflect
  • Give students the tools to succeed providing tools that stretch and challenge their work - particularly those who wouldn’t normally look to technology to help and may view it as only for those pupils with specific needs.
  • Enable improvement and attainment for everyone by combining all of the small changes each individual feature can make - it all adds up to a substantial gain for everyone.
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Read&Write is free for teachers!

We offer our literacy support toolbar free for teachers!

This means you can get a premium subscription of Read&Write for free!

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Your Students

  • Additional Learning Needs - There are a whole host of tools in Read&Write designed to help students with additional learning needs, like dyslexia, including, Text-to-Speech to help with word recognition, it’s also a great way of spotting mistakes for those students who struggle to read text. What’s more, students with access arrangements in place can use Read&Write as a digital reader in exams, even in the GCSE English Language paper, where a human reader is not permitted.
  • English language learners - Read&Write provides the tools for students’ whose first language isn’t English to help with pronunciation, spelling and recognition of English words.
  • Low attainment group - For those students who just need a little extra help, Read&Write can be a great boost. Spelling and Grammar checkers give them greater confidence, allowing them to self check their own work before submitting. Other tools like Prediction helps to expand the vocabulary they use.
  • Middle band - Read&Write has lots of tools to support the middle band of learners and stretches their learning limits. Tools like reading aloud helps students with questions and answering techniques, and increases their focus. Students will also benefit from study skills tools to improve organisation and exam prep.
  • High achievers - Proofreading tools in Read&Write are a great way of self-checking essays and assignments as well as grammar and spell checkers adding extra polish to students’ work.
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Features - at a glance

Reading & Writing tools

Play Icon

Text to Speech reads words, passages, or whole documents aloud with easy-to-follow dual colour highlighting.

Speechmaker icon Speechmaker icon

Text & Picture Dictionaries provide definitions and displays images to help with word comprehension

Speech Input icon

Talk&Type turns the spoken word into text.

Check it icon

Check It reviews writing for incorrect grammar, spelling (phonetic), capitalisation, punctuation, verb tense, homophones and more

Researching tools


Collect Highlights from text in documents or the web for summarising research and to create bibliographies.

Simplify icon

Simplify removes ads and other copy on web pages that can be distracting.

Studying tools

Scan icon

Audio Maker converts selected text into an audio file, and automatically downloads.

Vocab icon

Build a Vocabulary List instantly into a new doc, including selected words, the dictionary definitions, images from Widgit Symbols, and an editable notes column

One subscription. One sign in. Any device.
Read&Write devices

Enjoy the benefits of Read&Write on Windows PCs, Macs, Google, iPad and Android tablets.

One simple annual subscription lets users sign in on any device. So it’s great for students studying in class or on the move.

Everyone in your school or college can try all the great features of Read&Write absolutely free for 30 days. After this trial period continue using basic features like text-to-speech at no cost - or subscribe for unrestricted access to all our exciting premium features.

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A JCQ approved acceptable arrangement

Hundreds of thousands of students sit formal examinations in the UK every year.

Many of them require access arrangements or reasonable adjustments to be put in place so that they can access exam content at the same time as their peers.

For students, not only do we provide support in the classroom, but we’re helping them to achieve their full potential in exams too, in line with JCQ regulations, facilitating independence and boosting their confidence.

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Simple Freemium and Premium options


Free Individual access to all premium features 30 days


Free Access to all premium features for a defined group 90 days


£150per licence Access to all premium features for one individual Annual license

Schools & FE / HE

Custom Access to all premium features Annual licence

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Efficacy Study Cover

Assessing the impact: supporting student literacy in the transition to secondary education

Read&Write was measured to assess the lasting impact of literacy intervention during the transition from primary to secondary education.

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