You have purchased a Read&Write subscription for your school / college / university. This means you can enjoy ALL the benefits of Read&Write completely free of charge across all platforms, including Read&Write for Google Chrome, Windows, Mac, Microsoft Edge, as well as iPad & Android tablets.

We’re here to make sure you get the very best out of our amazing software, so we’ve complied this step-by-step guide to help you, your colleagues, and your students along the way. Just click on each section to find all the things you’ll need to make it a success. 

1. Getting started

A guide to getting installed, getting tech support and letting staff, parents and students know about this great tool.

First things first, have your product code to hand and let’s get you up and running.  Visit the essentials website.

Introduction Video to get you started:
Introducing Read&Write for Education video 

Familiar now with all the tools? That's great.

We hope you’ve been enjoying & exploring all of the features that make Read&Write great! To help you take your students’ learning to the next level, we want to share with you some best practices and valuable resources.

With these at your disposal, you’ll become a Read&Write expert in no time!

2. Teacher Use

A one stop resource shop for short tutorials, training and lesson ideas for ALL teachers in the school, no matter their subject.

Teacher resources:
Getting the most from your Read&Write subscription - Webinar Series
Using Read&Write for Exams Video
Training Portal
Lesson Resources

Got any questions?  We’ve got a dedicated support site to help you out.

Stick stuck on something?  Contact our Customer Care team:
read and write teacher strategies
Empowering your students

3. Empowering your students

There are some fabulous outcomes for all learner types. We want to give you the resources to help them understand how to personalise and support their own learning and make the very most of Read&Write

Student resources:
Read&Write Student Task Pack
Read&Write for Google Chrome Scavenger Hunt
Tools for the writing process
Read&Write for Google Chrome Interactive Guide


4. Extending Practice

It’s time to embed. We’ve a wealth of resource to help develop your expertise. Become a certified trainer, attend a webinar, join the Texthelp community and much more. Everything you need to grow and sustain impact. 

Extra stuff:
Join the Texthelp Teacher Community
Become a Certified User/Educator/Trainer
Extending practice