A big literacy booster

Read&Write for Mac is designed to help users of Apple Macintosh computers by providing extra literacy supports. Read&Write for Mac provides support tools for the web and common file types and applications, including:
  • Microsoft Word
  • Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox
  • Google Docs
  • PDFs
Read&Write’s powerful features let you hear text read aloud, look up words in the dictionary or picture dictionary with a click, write with word prediction, highlight and collect information from the web, proof read with a grammar, spelling and confusable words checker, and more!

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Easier to Discover!

With our latest version of Read&Write for Mac, it’s even easier to access your toolbar as and when you need it

With a brand new design, our original Read&Write offering now provides a consistent experience across all of our Read&Write platforms. Now easier to access and more discoverable for all users.
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What's free vs paid?

Your free 30-day trial includes access to ALL Read&Write features for Microsoft Word, Google Docs and PDF files as well as Safari, Google Chrome and Firefox. Try these features out and see for yourself how they can help in your classroom or workplace.

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How does pricing work?

We’ve got three different types of license. Single, Group and Unlimited. Single users can buy direct from our online store above for £150+VAT. Need pricing for a group of users or for your whole institution? Need to upgrade from a group to unlimited licence?

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Need a helping hand? 

We’ve got lots of video resources and online help to help you find your way around the product and even some dedicated training courses if you want to become an expert.

 Extra Online Help
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Got a question? You can contact our texthelpers for further information on any of our products.