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With as many as 8% of French school students having a learning disability, including dyslexia  (source:, there's a huge need to give school students extra support with their reading, writing and day-to-day literacy.

At Texthelp, we understand the importance of accommodating every child’s needs with a range of solutions that play to each student’s personal strengths and abilities. Read&Write is now available in French across Windows, Google Chrome and iPad. It’s great for reluctant readers, students with disabilities such as Dyslexia and English language learners.

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Supporting every student across France

Used daily by millions of young people around the world, Read&Write lets everyone read, write and express themselves more confidently. It's great for every student but particularly reluctant readers, individuals with dyslexia and other learning difficulties, as well as English language learners and bilingual students. 

From hearing written content read aloud to text prediction, picture dictionaries and summary highlighters, Read&Write makes lots of everyday literacy tasks simpler, quicker and more accurate.

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Shaping the future at Edmonton Public Schools

Edmonton Public Schools, the sixth biggest school district in Canada is using Read&Write to create confident, independent learners. Read on to learn how Read&Write played an instrumental role in doing this. 

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