Read&Write has been given a medical boost!

With our new bolt-on to Read&Write for Windows (v11.5), users can now enjoy the advanced capability to spellcheck and conduct word prediction with an additional 98,000 medical, and 8,000 pharmaceutical words.

Read&Write Medical helps users create accurate medical reports, patient notes and documents - quickly, easily and accurately.

Ideal for:
  • Medical, pharmaceutical and veterinary students
  • Professionals
  • Administrators

“The new medical capability of Read&Write is brilliant for me, helping me produce accurate medical documents and reports quickly and easily. No more having to google complex terms or carry heavy medical dictionaries - and no more errors!” 

(Medical student, Josephine Raffan Gower) 

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Read&Write Medical on screen

Features & Benefits

  • Spell Check medical and pharmaceutical words  
  • Word Prediction of medical and pharmaceutical terms 
  • Increases productivity
  • Removes any communication issues
  • Improves accuracy
  • Speeds up the writing process
  • Provides independence