10 ways to support employees with Autism

Making sure employees are happy should be a priority within the workplace, after all they are the do-er’s who help the business to grow. Taking some time aside to reflect on their working environment and what adjustments could be made to make their day to day a little brighter, will have huge benefits for productivity and employee retainment.

10 top tips to support employees with Autism

When thinking up nurturing programmes, be inclusive of neurodiverse employees to ensure your efforts impact each and every employee. In light of Autism Awareness Week, we have shared our top 10 tips on how to create a welcoming workplace for employees with Autism...

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Infographic with 10 ways to support Autistic employees

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Our guide covers the strengths autistic employees can bring to the workplace, as well as what accommodations should be made to make sure your workplace is inclusive for autistic employees.