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Find your pathway to success in education

Our annual pre-summer PD event is back! Join us to round off the school year with a look at how equity can drive success in education.

Registration is now open

Join us on June 15th 2022 for a free online event exploring our theme, Equity in Education: Pathways to Success. Whether you work in K-12 or Higher Education, you’ll gain actionable tips and strategies to help you refuel for the school year ahead.

Equity in education

We all take different pathways through life. Equity-minded education recognizes that each student is coming to the classroom with different backgrounds, needs, and abilities.  

During the event, you'll learn how to:

  • Connect the dots between UDL, DEI & EdTech
  • Support English Language Learners
  • Instill confidence in students
  • Use equitable and accessible course materials
  • Bridge the assistive tech gap from K12 to Higher Ed
  • Provide flexible feedback and agile assessment
  • Design a roadmap for change

A sneak peek...

Stay tuned as we announce a packed schedule of talks, panels and Q&As with the experts. In the meantime, here's a preview of some of the topics we'll be covering:

Broaden STEM engagement

How can we better engage and retain students in STEM learning? Find out how highlighting career possibilities and the real-life applications of science and math can help you reach students who would otherwise disengage.

Universal design

Take UDL from theory to practice, with sessions that will equip you with new tools & strategies to address student variability. Learn how to differentiate lessons, projects & feedback - and much more!

Seamless support

See how learning tools can support productivity, improve focus and address accessibility needs - across subject areas and levels.

Ready to choose your pathway for success?

It’s time to book your place! Click here to register.