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Texthelp in conversation with... The Edufuturists

Explore what's new in Education, as we take a deep dive into the latest trends and topics with the Edufuturists!

What is Education 4.0?

Derived from the term ‘Industry 4.0’, Education 4.0 is an attempt to reflect the change in industry and society over the last 250 years. And bring to the forefront a recognition that education needs to keep up with the new digital era.

Texthelp’s Head of Education Strategy, Paddy McGrath, met with the Edufuturists to discuss what this means for students, as we enter the fourth industrial revolution.

Supporting blended learning

To bring you some useful tips and advice on remote learning environments, we reached out to Rachel Coathup, an Education Technology Trainer and Google Certified Trainer and Innovator.

Listen to their thoughts on the opportunities that remote learning can bring. As well as what support resources they advise to help those that are new to the concept.

If you'd like to explore more from the Edufuturists on the topic of distance learning and the opportunities of EdTech, check out their guest blog.

Accessible remote learning

As the shift to remote learning brings concerns around accessibility to the fore, we invited Eilidh McKay, a Scottish educator, Google Certified Trainer and accessibility advocist to join the Edufuturists.

Check out their discussion on what tools & resources can help learners to access education. Including why the focus needs to be on supporting all students moving forward.

Lockdown and beyond

Our CEO, Martin McKay, joined the Edufuturists to discuss Texthelp’s story and why we're committed to enhancing the learning experiences of all. Including why he thinks the surge in teachers turning to EdTech tools to support remote learning, is shaping the future of education. Discussing how a digital future within education will not only address inequalities but help to engage all students in learning.

Just because this cool technology exists, doesn't mean that it helps learning. We try to partner with research institutions to make sure that our products actually have a positive learning impact.

How do we tackle the teacher workload challenge?

One third of the Edufuturists, Dan Fitzpatrick recently took part in our roundtable discussion on how technology can help reduce teacher workloads.

Hear what Dan and his fellow panelists had to say.

WriQ: Exploring impact

After the live roundtable discussion, Panelist Dan Fitzpatrick, teamed up with his fellow Edufuturists once again. This time to put together a short video series that explores the impact that our writing achievement tool, WriQ can have on elements of teacher workloads.

Episode 1 - Marking and Feedback

First up, Steve, Dan and Ben explore the features within WriQ that can support more efficient and effective marking and feedback. Including the ability to build your own rubrics and use the WriQ metrics to save time. Meaning that teachers have more time to focus on providing meaningful, personalised feedback that will motivate students.

Episode 2 - Data Management

In their next episode, the Edufuturists explore the impact of WriQ on data management at a teacher, whole school, MAT and college level. To track writing progress over time using standardised benchmarks but to also manage data for individual students effectively. In a way that makes it quick & easy for teachers and learners to see their progress and rectify where necessary.

Episode 3 - Curriculum Planning and Managing Resources

Following on from their discussion on data management, the guys wrap up their series by looking at how educators can use the data within the WriQ Dashboard in a meaningful way, to inform curriculum planning and tailor resources for students.