The Festival of Inclusive Education features talks, panel discussions and Q&As on dyslexia, EdTech, Universal Design for Learn and more.

Omari McQueen and Martin McKay

A highlight on dyslexia

with Omari McQueen and Martin McKay

Sarah Le-Good

Language matters – Thinking beyond the SEN label

with Sarah Le-Good

Dr Susie Nyman and Patrick McGrath

The student iceberg

with Dr Susie Nyman and Patrick McGrath

Baasit Siddiqui

Embracing opportunity

with Baasit Siddiqui

Rachel Nowicki

The power of embracing neurodiversity

with Rachel Nowicki

Marcia Brissett-Bailey

Changing the narrative: a look at dyslexia from a dyslexic mind

with Marcia Brissett-Bailey

Nic Ponsford, Daren White, Carla Bell and Hari Neocleous

A week in the life - a journey of support across subjects

Panel discussion

Simon Tanner

Building inclusion at scale

with Simon Tanner

Abigail Hawkins

Making the exam room a level playing field

with Abigail Hawkins and Fiona Johnson

Cynthia Bolton

Understanding the gifted children in your classroom

with Cynthia Bolton

Ryan Evans

Assistive technology tools for EVERY educator

with Ryan Evans

Jim Ellis

Micro Moments: Elevating UDL through language, actions and practice

with Jim Ellis and Patrick McGrath

Nic Ponsford, Daren White, Rachel Nowicki and Dr Susie Nyman

What's next for inclusive education

Panel discussion