The Student Room

Student support webinars

Quick & easy to follow student support webinars

Explore our student room for short form Read&Write sessions that help students get to grips with some of Read&Write’s most popular features to improve their reading, writing & revision, all in less than 15 minutes.

Share these sessions with your students to help them engage with learning in more independent ways.

1. Getting started with Read&Write

Read&Write gives your students access to a wide range of literacy support tools in one simple toolbar. If you’re new to Read&Write, these student room videos will cover the basics of both Read&Write for Google Chrome and Windows to help you get started.

2. Customising your Read&Write toolbar

This student session will cover how to customise your Read&Write toolbar to suit you. When first setting up Read&Write you may want to change the appearance of the toolbar or change the voice, the dual highlighting colours and the screen mask - this video will show you how.

3. Making all of your resources accessible with Read&Write

With Read&Write students can easily read all of their course content, no matter what the format is. We will demonstrate how the tools within Read&Write can help transform any inaccessible course materials into brand new fully readable and editable materials.

4. Using Read&Write to improve your work before final submission

Right up to the point of final submission, we can all make improvements to our work. This short student room video shows your students how they can use Read&Write to identify any last minute mistakes effectively and ultimately improve the quality of their work.

5. Revision made easy - using Read&Write to create revision notes

This student webinar will demonstrate that Read&Write has a number of tools to help make better use of study time and make revision more interesting and most importantly - more effective.

6. Read faster, understand more and improve your grades

Students have to read a lot of new information across a range of different subjects. All with their own set of vocabulary that they need to learn & remember, which can seem overwhelming at times. In this session your students will learn how Read&Write can help make reading a tool, instead of a barrier.

7. Support your writing with Read&Write

When completing a piece of written work, it’s not as simple as starting with a blank page and writing down a complete, ready to hand in piece of work. In this short webinar, we will show how Read&Write can help support students at every stage of the writing process.

8. Read&Write can help you study a language

Did you know that Read&Write can support students when they’re learning a modern foreign language such as French or Spanish? In this short video we demonstrate how students can use features like text to speech, to help improve pronunciation and fluency.

9. Using Read&Write to support comprehension

In this short video, Hayley explains how the dictionary, vocab table, picture dictionary and text-to-speech tools within the Read&Write toolbar can help you with comprehension.

10. Support for International Students with Read&Write

Watch as Ben from our Asia-Pacific team demonstrates how the translator and prediction tools in Read&Write can help International Students whose first language isn't English to study independently and with confidence.

Any questions? We'd be happy to answer any enquiries you might have about how Read&Write can support students.