Customer Stories

Our tools have helped a huge number of people and businesses around the world.
Hear some of their stories, and discover what we’ve done for them.

  • Dewis Cymru: championing inclusivity in health & wellbeing

    Dewis Cymru is the national wellbeing resource directory for Wales. Their purpose is to support health and wellbeing in their community by sharing a wide range of local and national organisations and services. To support their wide variety of users online, they added Browsealoud (now part of the ReachDeck accessibility solution) to their website. It’s helping them create inclusive experiences for all users.

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  • The Highland Council

    Discover how The Highland Council are investing in inclusion by making Read&Write available to all students across their 203 schools.

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  • Hull City Council: offering inclusive experiences, because it matters

    Hull City Council are committed to offering meaningful support to young citizens with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). Their website, Hull’s Local Offer, is a dedicated space for providing advice to this audience. The Council chose to add our web accessibility toolbar, Browsealoud (now part of the ReachDeck solution) to their website to help ensure their digital content is both user-friendly and accessible to every visitor. Read their customer story to hear how they've created an inclusive online experience for their users.

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  • The ACT Education Directorate

    Find out how the ACT Education Directorate in Australia are using Read&Write with their 43,000+ students to make learning purposeful.

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  • Habinteg Housing Association help users read and translate content with ReachDeck

    In an effort to help their users read and translate their online content with ease, Habinteg Housing Association added the ReachDeck Digital Inclusion Toolbar to their website.

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  • Bridgewater Community Healthcare: First look at ReachDeck

    Bridgewater Community Healthcare is an NHS Foundation Trust in the north-west of England. They are a leading provider of community health services. As a current customer they were one of the first to try ReachDeck, our new accessibility and inclusion software. Hear what they have to say.

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