Inclusive learning for all at Cheam Common Junior Academy


Cheam Common Junior Academy, nestled in Surrey, South West London, is a vibrant educational institution welcoming children aged 7-11 years old. 

As part of LEO Academy Trust, a collaborative network of schools sharing common values, Cheam Common Junior Academy is dedicated to providing a nurturing environment where over 500 pupils flourish.

With a commitment to inclusivity, the school champions an educational ethos centred on mutual support, challenge, and continuous growth, ensuring every child receives the tools they need to thrive.

LEO Academy Trust is dedicated to providing Learning, Excellence, and Opportunity to every pupil within its care.

Hear firsthand from teachers and students at Cheam Common Junior Academy on how Texthelp tools are transforming teaching and learning

Technology for learning

At Cheam Common Junior Academy, technology isn't just a tool – it's an integral part of their approach to teaching and learning. 

Committed to excellence, all staff members at Cheam Common Junior Academy are dedicated to providing the highest standard of education possible. In 2020, Cheam Common Junior, along with its fellow schools within the LEO Academy Trust, embarked on a digital transformation initiative.

Aligned with the forward-thinking LEO Academy Trust, they prioritise digital innovation, providing every student and teacher with their own Chromebook. 

This commitment to personalised learning ensures that each pupil has the resources they need to excel in today's digital age. By embracing technology, Cheam Common Junior Academy isn't just preparing students for the future – they're empowering them to thrive.

"I think the best thing I can say about how we utilise technology in our school is that the children have ownership over their learning, and I think if you walked into one of our classrooms, you can see that they're excited about their learning."

Digital tools for inclusive learning

Since 2020, Texthelp tools, Read&Write and OrbitNote, have been seamlessly integrated across every device at Cheam Common Junior Academy. This proactive approach ensures that scaffolds are readily available to support the diverse needs of every child. 

Teachers and pupils alike utilise these digital resources effortlessly across the curriculum, resulting in a significant enhancement of accessibility and the creation of truly inclusive learning environments.

"The Texthelp tools that are available to the children enables them to make their learning bespoke and unique to them."

Student spotlight

Students at Cheam Common Junior Academy have shared that learning feels more accessible, and they feel a greater sense of inclusion during lessons, resulting in noticeable progress and engagement.

“I think OrbitNote is making it better for me because I find it quite hard to focus on different bits of text. I feel really independent and great, because I can just do my own thing now.”

Discover Texthelp tools

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