Inclusive learning for all at Cheam Fields Primary Academy


Cheam Fields Primary Academy, situated in Cheam, in Surrey, South London has approximately 450 students, welcoming children from nursery up to key stage two. Part of LEO Academy Trust, a network of like-minded schools, it fosters an environment of mutual support, challenge, and growth.

LEO Academy Trust is dedicated to providing Learning, Excellence, and Opportunity to every pupil within its care.

Cheam Fields Primary Academy's motto, ‘Learning Together, Growing Together’, defines its commitment to providing the best education possible to every child in its care.

Hear from staff and students at Cheam Fields Primary Academy about how Texthelp tools are transforming teaching and learning

Technology for learning

At Cheam Fields Primary Academy, they aim to foster a lifelong love of learning, through an evidence-informed curriculum which is ambitious for all learners, balanced, well-sequenced and diverse. They approach each child as a unique individual, closely monitoring their progress and planning the next steps in their educational journey.

Committed to excellence, all staff members at Cheam Fields Primary Academy are dedicated to providing the highest standard of education possible. In 2020, Cheam Fields Primary Academy, along with its fellow schools within LEO Academy Trust, embarked on a digital transformation initiative.

As part of this initiative, every pupil at Cheam Fields Primary Academy received a 1:1 Chromebook, marking a significant shift in the school's approach to learning.

Recognising that each pupil learns differently, staff acknowledge the importance of personalised learning within an inclusive environment, ensuring that every child has access to education at their own pace.

Through the integration of digital skills and technology, within Cheam Fields Primary Academy current computing curriculum, they ensure that by the time children leave primary school in Year 6, they will be equipped with the knowledge and understanding to work safely and responsibly with technology.

"LEO's embedded inclusion practice is that everybody is involved and that everyone can work at the same level regardless of their age or their ability and technology has helped us to do that.”

Digital tools for inclusive learning

Since 2020, Texthelp tools, Read&Write and OrbitNote, have been seamlessly integrated across every device at Cheam Fields. This proactive approach ensures that scaffolds are readily available to support the diverse needs of every child. 

Teachers and pupils alike utilise these digital resources effortlessly across the curriculum, resulting in a significant enhancement of accessibility and the creation of truly inclusive learning environments.

“I first came across Read&Write around three years ago, and my first thought was, this would be a great tool for just a few words, a bit of vocabulary. It could just support a few SEN children. But I quickly discovered that actually it's not just for SEN children. We talk about it being necessary for some, but it's definitely useful for all.  It's used across the whole school for every single child and they can choose when and where they want to use it.”

Student spotlight

Students at Cheam Fields have shared that learning feels more accessible, and they feel a greater sense of inclusion during lessons, resulting in noticeable progress and engagement.

"If we didn't have Read&Write, or OrbitNote, or Chromebooks in general, I would dread coming to school every day. I'm not great at looking at a whole piece of text and I sometimes get overwhelmed. Voice to Text, which is one of my favourite features, has really helped me to get my ideas down and I think it's necessary for people like me, but it helps everyone."

Discover Texthelp tools

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