Inclusive learning for all at Cheam Park Farm Primary Academy


Cheam Park Farm Primary Academy, located in North Cheam, London, operates as a dynamic educational institution. With a four-form entry structure and an average of 32 children per class, it provides a vibrant learning environment for its students. Spanning across two sites, the Academy offers resources to facilitate diverse educational activities and programs.

Cheam Park Farm Primary Academy is passionate about nurturing lifelong learners. Its curriculum is meticulously designed to be ambitious, balanced, and diverse, empowering every student. With a focus on evidence-based practices, it ensures that scaffolds are in place to allow every child to progress through their primary years. 

As proud members of LEO Academy Trust, Cheam Park Farm Primary Academy benefits from a collaborative community that supports its values of Learning, Excellence, and Opportunity. Together, they are dedicated to providing an exceptional educational experience for all students.

Hear firsthand from teachers and students at Cheam Park Farm Primary Academy on how Texthelp tools are transforming teaching and learning

Technology for Learning

Committed to excellence, all staff members at Cheam Park Farm Primary Academy are dedicated to providing the highest standard of education possible. In 2020, Cheam Park Farm, along with its fellow schools within LEO Academy Trust, embarked on a digital transformation initiative.

As part of Cheam Park Farm Primary Academy's comprehensive curriculum, they aim to cultivate a love of learning, empowering pupils to become lifelong learners using various proven methods to instil a lifelong passion for learning in all pupils. This includes technology-enhanced learning, through a PedTech approach, integrating digital tools to make learning accessible for all, promote engagement, and develop essential tech skills for a changing world.

As part of this initiative, every pupil at Cheam Park Farm received a 1:1 Chromebook, marking a significant shift in the school's approach to learning.

Recognising that each pupil learns differently, staff at Cheam Park Farm Primary Academy and LEO Academy Trust acknowledged the importance of personalised learning within an inclusive environment, ensuring that every child has access to education at their own pace.

Through the integration of digital skills and technology, Cheam Park Farm Primary Academy has revolutionised teaching and learning practices. This transformation has not only enhanced accessibility but has also fostered pupils' confidence and creativity while providing valuable support to staff members.

"It makes me feel very proud when you walk into a classroom and you don't have children that perhaps are sitting separate from everybody else. They have dignity in their learning, they're able to focus, concentrate, and make progress without feeling like they're different from anybody else."

Digital tools for inclusive learning

Since 2020, Texthelp tools, Read&Write and OrbitNote, have seamlessly integrated across every device at Cheam Park Farm Primary Academy. This proactive approach ensures that scaffolds are readily available to support the diverse needs of every child.

Both teachers and pupils effortlessly utilise these digital resources across the curriculum, resulting in a significant enhancement of accessibility and the creation of truly inclusive learning environments.

“Children are all different learners. Some are visual, some are audible, so they all learn differently. So having those tools at my fingertips, I can really help the individual learner and their needs.”

Student Spotlight

Students at Cheam Park Farm Primary Academy have shared that learning feels more accessible, and they feel a greater sense of inclusion during lessons, resulting in an increase in confidence and independence.

"I think it helps me feel more confident and more comfortable, because you are more independent. You don't need the teacher to help you all the time."

Discover Texthelp tools

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