Read&Write: Empowering Inclusivity across Midlothian Council Schools


In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, Midlothian Council is taking proactive steps to equip its learners with the necessary tools and skills for success. The councils 'Equipped for Learning' initiative aims to provide each of its approximately 14,000 learners with a device, fostering a foundation in digital literacy that prepares them for the challenges of the modern world.

With a commitment to ensuring accessibility for all, Midlothian Council has distributed a mix of devices including Chromebooks and iPads to its learners. This significant investment in the school estate reflects the council's dedication to nurturing a generation capable of meeting the demands of the digital age. The initiative is not merely about distributing devices but also about providing comprehensive support and tools to enhance the learning experience.

Midlothian Council adopted a Universal Design for Learning approach when introducing Read&Write. The emphasis was on promoting the tool as a universally beneficial resource rather than targeting specific literacy challenges. By making Read&Write available on every teacher's and student's device, the council encouraged diverse usage, fostering inclusivity and creativity in the learning environment.

Making a Difference

The implementation of Read&Write in Midlothian classrooms is seeing phenomenal results. Learners have flourished, teachers' confidence has soared, and there has been a remarkable decrease in requests for assistive technology of around 90%, because Read&Write is meeting that need now.

The tool's universal accessibility has played a pivotal role in leveling the playing field, allowing every student to participate actively in the classroom.

The impact of Read&Write in our classrooms and across our schools has been phenomenal. We have seen young people flourish, we have seen teacher's confidence increase and we have seen a decrease of around 90% for referrals for assistive technology because Read&Write is now meeting that need and because it's for everyone, it's ok for it to be for anyone.

Discover Read&Write

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