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Read&Write tool provides invaluable support for finance professional

Chris Pickup, a Finance Administrator with dyslexia, has revealed how our market leading assistive technology, Read&Write, removes some of his workplace challenges and makes tasks like reporting that little bit easier.

Read&Write for Work empowers employees to work with more confidence by providing reading, writing and productivity supports.


  • Chris is a Finance Administrator with dyslexia. He was offered Read&Write as part of the UK government's Access to Work Scheme
  • Read&Write helps Chris to work at a faster rate. The Text-to-Speech software allows him to hear documents read aloud
  • The Screen Masking tool also helps to prevent eye strain

Meet Chris

Chris Pickup is a Finance Administrator with Dyslexia. He shares how Read&Write supports him day to day. He also provides some insight into how the government's Access to Work Scheme helped him to begin his journey with the software.

Read&Write Success

“Read&Write helps me to work at a faster rate!” - Chris Pickup

Chris recently availed of the government’s Access to Work Scheme, a publicly funded employment support programme that aims to help more disabled people find work or receive support in the workplace.

After an assessment from a DWP Workplace Needs Assessor, it was recommended that Chris’ employer purchased a copy of Read&Write and he hasn’t looked back since.

Hear from Chris

We chatted with Chris recently to find out how our software benefited him day to day and what features were most useful to him.

  • What led you to purchase or request Read&Write? 
    I have dyslexia and applied for Access to Work. The Access to Work Assessor then suggested that I get Read&Write for use in the workplace.

  • What is your job role? What sort of tasks does Read&Write help you perform most regularly?
    I am a Finance Administrator. Most of my tasks and duties are accountancy related but the one task I complete most often, and need support with, is compiling information into reports for management to review. 

  • How does Read&Write help you day to day?
    It helps me to work at a faster rate, as I can use the play function instead of reading documents, which in turn allows me to work more quickly, as I am a slow reader.

    The screen masking tool is amazing! It helps to stop my eyes from straining and helps me to keep my place on the screen and not keep losing track of where I am in a document.

  • What are your favorite three Read&Write features?
    Screen Masking, Text to Speech and Word Prediction.

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