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Texthelp’s Festival of Inclusive Education

Join us for our first ever Festival of Inclusive Education!

For students with different learning needs, getting the right type of support makes a lifetime of difference. From schools through to higher education, teachers and staff work hard to meet the needs of all students. We want to help.

Join us for a free online PD celebration of inclusive learning. As we break down how it can make things better for everyone. Our speakers deliver sessions on using EdTech to help bring teaching and learning to life for all. Plus, you’ll get all the tools and advice you need to help every student understand, and be understood.

At the festival...

Enjoy a packed agenda of talks, sessions and Q&As with the experts. 

Who will be shining a light on:

  • Neurodiversity and education
  • What the future holds for helping SEN learners 
  • Addressing visible and invisible barriers to learning
  • Empowering our students through tech
  • And much more...

You’ll also be able to get lots of useful resources to download and take away at the virtual booths.

The Festival line up

Group of texthelper characters

We have a packed schedule with 8+ hours of original content.

Our speakers cover all things inclusive education, with tips and advice on how EdTech can help. Check out the full line up.

The speakers

We’ve invited leading voices from schools, colleges and universities to join us for the Festival.

Get to know them and how they're helping make education and the world more inclusive.

What inclusion means to us

The Texthelp Group fiercely believes in accessibility and inclusion. It’s at the heart of our whole organisation and all of our products. For us, it’s personal. Our core purpose is to help people understand and be understood.

It's about supporting and including all students, regardless of disability, difference or language. We want to help everyone achieve.

In today’s fast changing world, schools are preparing young people for jobs that are yet to even be imagined. To succeed we need to unlock potential and recognise the opportunities in our differences. Our accessibility and inclusion roadmap outlines the steps we’ve taken for Texthelp so far.

And we won’t stop there. Inclusion comes in many forms and together with our partners we’re working on doing more.

We’re committed to redefining inclusion and redesigning learning.


  • The Texthelp Festival of Inclusive Education is for everyone because inclusion is about everyone. So whether you work in a school, college or university you will find the takeaways shared during the event useful.

  • No. You do not need to download or install any software to take part. You only need to have access to the internet.

  • Send an email to for any help.

  • We’re working hard to make sure our festival is inclusive to everyone. In fact, that’s why we chose StreamGo as our event partner. Because they care about accessibility too. However, if you have any accessibility concerns or have any questions, please reach out to In addition, you can expect live captions for every session and live support.

  • Yes, all slides will be shared with sign ups after the live event.

  • Yes, festivals are best enjoyed with friends! Plus the more teachers and staff that learn about inclusive education, the better.

    You can invite them using this link:

  • Yes, the content will be available for an extended period of time after the event. That means if you sign up you can access the recordings whenever it best suits you.