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  • Dyslexia - the competitive advantage in business

    This episode is hosted by Ronan O'Brien from Zatori Results Ltd and EY's Entrepreneur of the Year Alumni. Ronan takes the opportunity to sit down around a (virtual) table with some of his fellow Alumni to chat about what makes people with dyslexia so inclined to go into business for themselves, and how their dyslexia and different thinking paves the way to success.

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  • Texthelp Talks: Dyslexia - Finding a love of writing

    In this episode, Donna introduces an insightful conversation between her colleague, Chelsie Spencer and Sierra Goodfellow, a learner who was diagnosed with dyslexia in the first grade. Throughout her life and education, Sierra has faced many barriers to learning. After years of self-advocating she finally recieved the right accomodations for her and went on to find success and a love for writing. Something she never thought was possible in the early days of her dyslexia journey.

    This is Sierra's story...

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  • Challenging stigma: A look at Dyslexia from a Dyslexic mind (or two!)

    At least 10% of the UK population is dyslexic, yet many dyslexic’s still experience a lack of understanding and support for Dyslexia in the world of work. Everyone deserves to feel understood, accepted and like they belong.

    In this podcast episode, we take a look at Dyslexia through the eyes of Sam, aka Sam the Dyslexic (a British Police Officer), and Andy Nickolls, a Dyslexic Blue Light employee (Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service, previously NHS). Together we challenge the misconceptions that exist around Dyslexia. Listen and gain insight to help you better understand and support your Dyslexic employees, colleagues and friends.

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  • Inclusive Learning 365 - Post-ISTE Catch-up

    Jason Carroll, Chief Product Officer at Texthelp is joined again by some of the authors of Inclusive Learning 365: Chris Bugaj, Karen Janowski and Beth Poss.

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  • It takes a village: Perspectives on EdTech with South Lanarkshire Council

    Getting funds to invest in technology is really only the first hurdle for schools and local authorities. Driving adoption of these tools also presents challenges. That's because there are a lot of stakeholders and voices within education. To be able to select the right tools and drive usage there needs to be engagement with the whole school community.

    In this episode, we hear from different perspectives to help local authorities and schools on their EdTech journey. Listen as South Lanarkshire Council share their story to rolling out devices and software across their 150 schools. You'll learn from education support officers, right through to parents.

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  • Texthelp Live at Bett 2022 | Part 2

    In this special Texthelp Talks series, we took the podcast on the road to capture all things Bett 2022. To wrap up an exciting three days at the show we are joined by leading Bett speakers Abid Patel and Graham Macaulay, as well as some Texthelp friends. Listen along to hear why our key takeaway from Bett this year is 'momentum'.

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