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Topic: assistive technology

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Access to Work Grant Scheme

Access to Work is a government-funded grant scheme to help people with disabilities - and those with a physical or mental health condition - to start or stay in work.

How to apply for the Disabled Students’ Allowance

Disabled students can get support at university through the Disabled Students' Allowance or DSA. Here's how it works.
Female in library wearing headphones, holding a book and looking at a laptop screen

Teacher Wellbeing in the Post-Pandemic Era

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, we sat down with 5 teachers to gather their thoughts on the changing landscape of teaching.
teacher appreciation week

What to expect at DSA Connect 2022

On 11 May, join us for the first ever DSA Connect. An online PD experience to make a difference for disabled students. Hear from our Head of DSA, Nicole what her must see sessions are.
Woman writing in book with text that reads DSA Connect free virtual conference Wednesday 11th May 2022

From Education to Workplace: Assistive Technology for all stages of life

Find the right assistive technology tools for concentration, expression and alternative formats

Celebrating different minds

This week ( March 21st - 27th) marks Neurodiversity Celebration Week, an event that celebrates neurodivergent strengths at all stages in life, from school to the workplace.
Celebrating different minds. Infinity symbol in bright, celebratory colours

Groundbreaking tool helps Highland pupils overcome dyslexia

Discover how Highland schools are using literacy software Read&Write to help all their students achieve.
Students learning on their devices

Unlocking neurodiversity in the workplace

Work’s where many of us spend a big chunk of our lives. It can be a productive, stimulating place where great things happen. But it’s not without its stresses, strains and challenges that employees face daily.

Learning from the 72,000+ devices already in Scottish Schools

As the SNP pledge to provide a computer device for every school child, what can Local Authorities and Schools learn from the 72,000+ devices already distributed across Scotland.
Classroom full of students using digital tools for learning.

Web accessibility software is helping businesses to tap into the £17.1bn click away pound

70% of users with digital access needs will leave an inaccessible website, taking their spending power to an accessible alternative. The cost of this equates to an estimated £17.1 billion: also known as the click-away pound. Read on to learn how you can tap into this market.
Purple Texthelper holding up a Purple Tuesday banner to celebrate disability inclusion online

What to expect at the Festival of Inclusive Education

On 20 October, join us for our first ever virtual conference, the Festival of Inclusive Education. Hear from Texthelp's Patrick McGrath on why we're celebrating inclusive education and what his must see sessions are.
Festival of Inclusive Education Virtual Conference 20 October 2021

I am thankful for: Read&Write

Read & Write, aTexthelp product, is an assistive technology that has transformed the learning environment for not only students with dyslexia but English language learners and students with a myriad of literacy challenges.

The State of State Assessment

learn more about some of the key challenges and promising solutions when it comes to state assessments.
Green banner with image fo person typing on a keyboard in the background. Texthelper with bag in the foreground

Texthelp acquires Wizkids

We are excited to announce that The Texthelp Group has acquired Wizkids, an edtech company, specialising in accessibility tools and data synchronisation.
Texthelp and Wizkids logo with mountains in background

Once the domain of SEN learning, assistive technology is now for everyone

Assistive technology can benefit every learner, not just SEN students
Children with their hands up in class

Texthelp acquires the Lingit Group

We are excited to announce that Texthelp has acquired the Lingit Group. This means that the Claro Software, LexAble and Lingit tools are now part of the Texthelp family.
Texthelpers hugging with mountains in background and the Lingit Group, Claro Software, LexAble logos

7 examples of assistive technology in healthcare

As we strive to make our communities more inclusive, healthcare professionals have made huge innovative leaps in the space of assistive technology. To learn more about the various types of devices on the market, we interviewed seven business professionals who work within this vertical.

Rolling out assistive technology in a school environment

If you are planning on using assistive technology or other education technology across your school or district this school year, you won't want to miss Randy's best practices.
School student working on a computer

Where to go and who to see at ATIA 2020

Are you heading to ATIA this year? Whether it’s your first time attending or your an ATIA pro, there’s a lot to take in over the course of the conference. To help, we’ve put together this guide of recommended sessions.
ATIA recommended sessions