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Topic: digital inclusion

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What is readability?

Readability is all about how easy or difficult it is to read something.  

9 ways to create digital experiences that are inclusive for all

To help your company create digital experiences that are inclusive to all, we asked business leaders and PR experts for their best ideas. Here are nine ways to create inclusive digital experiences for your customers.
Title '9 ways to create digital experiences that are inclusive for all' with headshots of of 9 business leaders

Digital accessibility and what it means for your organization

Hear from the Government Digital Service - commonly known as GDS - and discover what digital accessibility really means.

11 ways inclusive design benefits the customer experience

We asked 11 marketing specialists and digital design experts for their best pieces of advice in creating an inclusive customer experience. Find out what they had to say.
Headshots of 11 business leaders and the Terkel microphone logo

Inclusive digital banking: 6-step plan to improving accessibility and readability

To help you on your way to improving the accessibility of your digital financial services, here’s a 6-step plan.
6 Step Plan to improving accessibility and readability. Icons of: an accessibility man, an eye, and an open lock float on the right.

Accessibility in Financial Services

Recently, we scanned the websites of 30 of the top US National and Community banks for accessibility. Discover our results.
Front cover and inside spread of "Accessibility in Financial Services: The Key to Serving Everyone".

12 ways the workforce will change

Twelve thought leaders weigh in on how they think the workforce will change once we’re 'back to normal'.
Tiled headshots of guest contributors

Home for good: how can housing providers boost long-term staff retention?

Digital transformation is one of the biggest challenges facing housing organisations today. In this blog, discover how we can help.
The words 'boost long-term staff retention' with a texthelp character holding a megaphone

Web accessibility software is helping businesses to tap into the £17.1bn click away pound

70% will leave a website, taking their spending power to an accessible alternative. The cost of this equates to an estimated £17.1 billion - and that’s the click away pound. So, what can you do to tap into this market?
Laptop displaying a blurred image of the Texthelp website, AT feature icons surrounding

A truly inclusive workplace begins with inclusive digital experiences

In this guest blog we hear from Barry Walsh on the impact of inclusive digital experiences for creating a truly inclusive workplace.
Orange banner with headshot of Barry Walsh. Quote reads "a truly inclusive workplace begins with inclusive digital experiences".

How to make waves in digital accessibility for older web surfers

In this article, uncover how to improve the online experiences for older web users. And discover key findings from recent research on the topic.
3 senior men and women using smartphones, tablet computers and laptop computers.

8 writing tips for improving readability of blog post content

From checking out company brand books to keeping paragraphs small and scannable, here are eight tips to improve content readability.
8 writing tips for improving readability of blog post content

FAQs around web accessibility

We've pulled together some FAQs around web accessibility, to help you on your way to becoming more digitally inclusive.

Accessibility is usability

In this guest blog, Clare from Content Design London, identifies the difference between accessibility and usability, and explains how they're linked.
Headshot of Clare Reucroft from Content Design London

Content Design London: Creating accessible & inclusive digital content

In this Q&A with Sarah Richards, Founder of Content Design London, we discover what makes content accessible and usable, and get a taster of what she’ll be exploring with us in our upcoming webinar.

8 ways WCAG 3.0 will improve digital inclusion

See how you can improve digital inclusion. We asked tech experts and business leaders about the new WCAG 3.0 and how it will help.
Headshots of 8 business professionals with the Terkel microphone logo

This (inaccessible) digital world

In this guest blog, Dr. Kristen Liesch explores how web inaccessibility leads to exclusion for many on a daily basis.

Bringing Texthelp to the Sunshine State: Queensland Public Schools can now readily access Texthelp

Queensland Public Schools welcome move to ease access to digital learning tools. Read on to learn more about the changes.

Lessons from Hobsonville Point Secondary School

Discover the 3 key principles that guide teaching and learning at Hobsonville Point Secondary School in Auckland, to help them select the right EdTech tools for their teachers and students.
Students learning on their devices at Hobsonville Point Secondary School

Speaking plainly: The value of accessibility on your company website

As businesses return to a new sense of normal, they need to recognise how they can make life easier for their customers. Discover why accessibility matters.
An elderly man sitting on a couch using a laptop